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Posted 2015-08-05T23:09:06Z

Aug 2.... Something I noticed today

Just want to share.... Today at church while picking Malia up from her class, the ladies in there were telling me how much they love Malia and how sweet, cute, and outgoing she is. It makes me so happy to see how everyone she meets sees what I get to see everyday. And the best part is nobody at our church really knows about Malia's condition yet, because we just started going back just a few weeks ago now that Malia is doing a lot better. Its nice sometimes to just walk in a room and not have everyone look at us with pitty. I know if I were on the other end, hearing someone tell me that their sweet precious child has been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor along with a story about all the things Malia has had to go through.. I too would cry and give my condolences, because no matter how its put... it is heartbreaking! I just Love to see people appreciate her and see her like every other child in the room, and every one who meets her and has the privilege of sharing a conversation with her fall in love! She is so strong, brave, and intelligent... And I believe God has chosen her for a reason... She has the will to overcome this, and something great has to come from it. ( The world is so blessed by Malia, and she is teaching lessons ) When we overcome this, she will grow up to be somebody Great! I feel it in my heart 

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