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Posted 2015-08-14T19:47:27Z

update on the last couple days

This last couple of days has been a little struggle. Malia woke up the day before yesterday having sharp pains in her shoulder again, and just didn't want to get out of bed or even eat. But yesterday when she woke up she seemed so much better, she even went out with me to take our car in for an oil change and to get our key fixed, and had everyone in the waiting room just falling in love with her. She made a friend with this older lady, and was telling her everything about herself. The lady told me that she was the cutest little girl with her glasses, and has the most outgoing personality, and then Malia told the lady that she goes to the doctor all the time because she has a brain tumor in her head! The room became silent and everyone who heard her talking got a sad look on their faces, but the older woman just continued to play and talk to her. Malia just continued on talking, smiling, and showing off her dance moves (twirling around her little pink tutu). Malia gave that woman a big hug as we left! (Made a forever friend) She definitely has an impact on peoples lives wherever we go, and I am just so proud of her.. she is so inspirational and has no idea! When we got home a couple hours later her energy began to ware down, and the headaches set in. She cried herself to sleep holding her head, while I held her. And woke up crying. It is so sad to watch her squeeze her head because of the pain. We have 3 more weeks until her next MRI and Oncologist visit, and I just pray to God that her Tumor has not grown. Just the thought of it gives me anxiety, and makes it hard to swallow! Every time it gets close to having to put her back to sleep scares me, but the waiting part for a result that could change our lives at anytime kills me inside, scares me, and feels like the air is being sucked from my lungs. I know that this is just part of our life, we will always have side effects, new symptoms, MRI's, waiting, and changes... But no matter how many time we have to do this, it never gets easier! But what does is finding Hope and holding onto our Faith.

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