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We interrupt our regularly scheduled chemo to bring you Spring Break!

My friend Marna took me to chemo yesterday. Well, not chemo, because my cell counts were hovering at the bottom of the acceptable range, and I am clearly still suffering the after effects of the flu. Dr. Shand thought it best to err on the side of caution and skip chemo this week, and I really couldn't argue with her. She said that with my cell counts bottoming out, we'd probably start adding weekly Neupogen shots, which is like a short-acting version of Neulasta. For some reason, Neulasta isn't safe during weekly chemo. The shot version has to be delivered a day or two after chemo, which puts it on the weekend, but she assured me that they have a weekend shot clinic at 9 AM on Saturdays at Roper Hospital downtown. That sounds fun.  She then said my breast felt good (always good to hear) and sent me on my way.

Dismissed much earlier than usual, Marna and I went downtown to pick eyeglass frames (we both need new ones, and had planning to do this for a while), and then to lunch. It was way too much activity for me, but as it is when you overdo it, you don't know you've overdone it until you've overdone it. I lay about on the couch for the rest of the day binge-watching Endeavour. After dinner, Lucille and Tom joined me on the couch, and we watched The Breadwinner, an animated film about an Afghan girl growing up during the Taliban regime, and pretending to be a boy to support her family. It was beautiful, but not happy-go-lucky. Slept like a log, with minimal wheezing and coughing.

I am still short of breath today, but getting better bit by bit. My back, shoulders, and core were totally jacked up from coughing, and trying not to cough, and spending too many hours abed, so I went to see Nancy Kirven for a massage. She can fix almost anything (happy to give you her number), and indeed I feel much better now. 

It is a glorious Spring day outside, but I am still not fit for exercise. Instead, Lucille and I went out to cut some flowers for the house, get some vitamin D, and just not waste such a nice day. Underneath the remnants of the flu, my body is starting to remember what it feels like not to have chemo running through it, and it feels nice to have a little break. 

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