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Posted 2020-01-11T19:49:33Z


It's been a while--I see my last post was just after the party. Update on that: we ended up raising $4970, and then my friend Trey, who was handling the SOS contributions that were rolling in, chipped in the last $30 to get us to $5000. Thanks, Trey, and thanks to all of you who contributed! $5K for SC breast cancer patients is freaking awesome![...]

Posted 2019-11-17T18:41:17Z

Party aftermath

Y'all are the best. Really, THE BEST. Despite cold, rainy, gale-like conditions, you came out to party with us last night. And whether you were here in person or just in spirit, you turned out your wallets for a good cause. So far, we raised over $3500 for! A few checks are still in the mail, but it's already our best year by a long shot. [In addition to my undying gratitude, you may come pick up your reward in the form of leftover potato salad, hummus, baba ganouj, and/or cheese.][...]

Posted 2019-10-22T20:55:19Z


Booze for Boobs, our not-quite-annual fundraiser for breast cancer charities, will be the evening of November 16 this year. Extra celebration this year, for obvious reasons. You (yes, you) are invited. More details to come.[...]

Posted 2019-10-06T13:44:52Z

I am DONE!

Last radiation was Friday morning. Tom accompanied me. It was a little anticlimactic after 10 months of treatment--a hug from one of the rad techs, a certificate, and a chance to ring the bell in an almost empty waiting room, where one of the two patients kindly took our photo. But I am officially finished with treatment, and have no scheduled poisonings or irradiations to come. I took the day off, and went home and took a nap.[...]

Posted 2019-10-01T02:04:45Z

T-4 days

I have four more treatments to go, and then I AM DONE. Today, they started "the boost", which is where they target radiation directly at the tumor cavity. They attach something that is vaguely reminiscent of a telephoto lens on the linear accelerator (radiation machine). The attachment holds a custom window cut out in the outline of my tumor cavity. The window sits just an inch or so above my skin, and shapes the beam. I found a picture of it on the web and included it above. They drew some more blue marks on me, but after the set-up, treatment was very fast.[...]

Posted 2019-09-18T12:47:00Z

More than Pink Walk

With no time to spare, I signed up for the Komen More than Pink walk this Saturday. If you'd like to join me, register with team Suk it Cancer! (credits to Meagan--we formed team Suk it Cancer 10 years ago when she was battling BC). If you can't make it to the walk, please consider making a donation here. (<--- Link corrected!)[...]

Posted 2019-09-15T22:58:36Z

Radiation continues

We paused a bit during radiation to allow Hurricane Dorian to blow through. The kids were out of school all week because the Governor (we call him "Governor Foghorn Leghorn" in our house) ordered a mandatory evacuation. We put up a few shutters, brought in all the bird feeders and stuff in the yard, rolled the lawnmower into the kiddie pool, parked two cars in a garage downtown (yes, since Sam's driving, we now have three cars), and parked mine down the street on higher ground. And then boredom ensued as we hunkered down and waited for the storm to quit torturing the Bahamas.[...]

Posted 2019-08-30T23:20:30Z


Radiation is going fine. I'm about a third the way through. And just today, I'm feeling a little tiredness that might not be directly attributable to the start of the school year.[...]

Posted 2019-08-21T23:08:31Z


Sunday, the night before radiation started, I started to worry about it. I've been taking this cancer thing one day at a time--plodding through it, and not looking very far in front of my feet. Mostly, it works. I voiced my concern to Tom, and he was like, "Tell me again why you need to do this?" I mumbled something about killing errant cancer cells that had so far evaded detection, as I punched in a Medline search. Turns out that, in triple neg patients who have had chemotherapy and lumpectomy, adding radiation therapy about doubles the survival rate. For people who have had a mastectomy, the benefits of radiation are not as clear. Suddenly, I felt much better about radiation.[...]