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Posted 2019-10-06T13:44:52Z

I am DONE!

Last radiation was Friday morning. Tom accompanied me. It was a little anticlimactic after 10 months of treatment--a hug from one of the rad techs, a certificate, and a chance to ring the bell in an almost empty waiting room, where one of the two patients kindly took our photo. But I am officially finished with treatment, and have no scheduled poisonings or irradiations to come. I took the day off, and went home and took a nap.

The burns are starting to heal--still itchy and uncomfortable, but not quite as raw. I have follow ups scheduled with Dr. Decker in Rad Onc (1 month), Dr. Baker in Surgical Oncology in early November along with my yearly mammogram (my left boob has seen a lot of scans and action over the last several months, but my right boob has been neglected and will be due for its annual scan), and Dr. Shand in Medical Oncology in December, so that will suffice for monitoring. I think I will see that trio on a fairly regular basis over the next year, and then will just revert to the yearly mammogram schedule. Chance of recurrence is really low for me, since I had a complete pathological response to chemo.

But I have heard that the waiting, after treatment, is hard. Suddenly, you're doing nothing, after months of doing something. Waiting to see if another shoe drops. Right now, though, I am not worried about it, still riding the high of being finished.

Low-key celebrations this weekend so far. We're taking the kids out to dinner tonight at a nice restaurant. Tom and I went to Coast Brewing's Oktoberfest yesterday with a friend. Friday night we stayed in, but I made sourdough pizza and sticky toffee puddings for dinner. We will host a Booze for Boobs party this year, though, which will be our big party--it's our not-quite-annual benefit for breast cancer charities, and it'll be extra celebratory this year. I'll let you know when we nail down a date.

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Comments (19)

  • Carolyn McDonald
    Carolyn McDonald

    Congratulations, Kathy! Your mom connected me to your postings recently and I am thrilled to hear of your final treatment. Enjoy your celebrations.... you have definitely earned it!

    5 months ago · Reply
  • Eileen Roy-Zokan
    Eileen Roy-Zokan

    CONGRATULATIONS KATHY!!! I am crying happy tears for you!!!

    5 months ago · Reply
  • Holly Ernest
    Holly Ernest

    WaHoo!!! Congratulations!

    5 months ago · Reply
  • Julie Wagner Stewart
    Julie Wagner Stewart


    5 months ago · Reply
  • Dave Arkle
    Dave Arkle


    5 months ago · Reply
  • Mimi Dias
    Mimi Dias

    First enjoy not having a full schedule. Bigger celebrations when you're good and ready!

    5 months ago · Reply
  • Nancy Moore
    Nancy Moore

    I will help with the party!

    5 months ago · Reply
  • Rob Plummer
    Rob Plummer

    The Louisville Plummers rejoice to hear that your medical treatments are done! Hooray!

    5 months ago · Reply
  • Amy Allen
    Amy Allen

    Yay! Enjoy!!

    5 months ago · Reply
  • Beth Parrott
    Beth Parrott

    Fantastic!! Can't wait for you to have some knitting time again.

    5 months ago · Reply
  • Yasmine Bottein
    Yasmine Bottein

    well, take the time to enjoy doing nothing!!!! What's the date for the party? :) Hugs to all

    5 months ago · Reply
    • Yasmine Bottein
      Yasmine Bottein

      ...and the smile of Tom on the photo tells it all!!!

      5 months ago · Reply
  • Erica Chiovarou
    Erica Chiovarou

    Best news ever! Congrats for sure! Love you, Kathy!!

    5 months ago · Reply
  • Piper Schwenke
    Piper Schwenke


    5 months ago · Reply
  • Lucy Webster
    Lucy Webster

    Fantastic news Kathy! Well done on getting through ALL the treatments, and I am so pleased the outcome is so positive. Best of luck with the fundraiser, I’ll be with you in spirits 🍸 xxx

    5 months ago · Reply
  • Sue Rice
    Sue Rice

    Congratulations Kathy! So glad to hear the treatments are behind you. Let that bell ring on!

    5 months ago · Reply
  • Dee Dee White
    Dee Dee White

    Great news!! I did a dance around my house for you in celebration!!! I know you are glad it is over, take care.

    5 months ago · Reply
  • Michelle

    HIP HIP, HOORAY!!!!! Woohoo!!!! SO excited for you and can't wait to raise a glass (or two) with you! RIGHT ON!!!

    5 months ago · Reply
  • Emily Cooper
    Emily Cooper

    Yay! I missed this post so I’m a bit late to this party, but congratulations!!

    5 months ago · Reply