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Beth Parrott Beth Parrott

Marna said you both had a lovely day. Glad to hear you flu symptoms are improving. Sorry I missed you a few weeks back. I came down with a "bug" the morning after I spoke with you and didn't want to share it. Sounds like it found you anyway! Much of greater Charleston must be sick. I stopped at HT for a few things night before last and Customer Service was CLOSED! When I asked why I was told the entire department was out sick.

Be patient with yourself.


Elaine Eachus Elaine Eachus

Since your dad told us where to find your blog Kathy, we are following your journey where your Moore spirit and incredible ability to tackle life head-on teaches us so much about gutsy living. ACE and I are cheering for and learning from you, Kathy! You go girl!

Rachel Kalisperis Rachel Kalisperis

Hey - I haven't been posting, but I'm following your journey and thinking of you all the time. Kick this thing's butt, woman.

Suzanne Groff Suzanne Groff

Hi Kathy;
I have been thinking of you but have just signed up for this site. I am trying to navigate it to find a meal sign up. Is there one? Is that something that would be helpful? I’m happy to help in any way.
Please let me know and i’ll watch for your updates.
Sue Groff

Nancy Moore Nancy Moore

To those who post: Know that Kathy's parents appreciate your good wishes, your humor, and your endurance of active friendship as Kathy navigates this journey. Nancy and Lawrence Moore

Kathy Moore Kathy Moore

Thanks to you all. Unlike FB, there is no "like" button to acknowledge your posts, but know that I read and value each of them!

Bart Rankin Bart Rankin

Hoping all goes well today.
Sending much love from all us Rankins.

Margaret D. Fabri Margaret D. Fabri


Thinking of you today undergoing your first Chemo treatment. Hope all goes well. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your whole family. I know you are going to have a great New Year and kick the butt out of the cancer! You go girl!

Hugs, Margaret

Erika Jefferson Erika Jefferson

Thinking of you today, Kathy. I hope your day goes as smoothly as possible.

Much love,

Shannon Berg Shannon Berg


Sending healing prayers.

Shannon (Lund) Berg

Bart Rankin Bart Rankin

This sucks. I wish we lived closer so we could help. I don't know anyone more awesome than you. You will kick this thing's ass, but I'm sorry you have to go down this rabbit hole again.
Love you and your family so much.
Call me anytime, middle of the night, I'm here. Tom, too.

Kristen French Kristen French

Kathy, thank you for making this journal. I'm so angry and sad (sad/mad), and I will not bright-side you! I love you and feel miserable that we've been out of touch for weeks. I am here for you. Please do all the good things for yourself that you can, and tell me how I can help with that!! Love, Kristen p.s. here is a beautiful wasp to sting away your cancer!

Llewellyn Pruutt Negreiros Llewellyn Pruutt Negreiros

We are in this journey together, my friend. 🙏💓💕💜💗🦋 We will beat cancer! I’m here for you.