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Posted 2019-11-29T23:28:39Z

Thankful - 11/27 Update

I am so unbelievably blessed and grateful for the love and support of those around me. This year has been tough and I’ve struggled some days more than others. And on those harder days when I come from gratitude and remember to be grateful, the day lightens up and I make it through to another day - one step closer to the end of this process.[...]

Posted 2019-11-29T23:19:00Z

Grateful - 11/17 Update

It has been difficult to post lately with my neuropathy issues. Typing doesn’t feel too good on the fingers. I save what I gotta do for when I gotta work mostly. In any case it was a busy week. More chemo on Monday then off to the oncologist. The neuropathy is severe enough and so early on with this treatment that he’s concerned about long term damage. He will be lightening my next dose to see if that helps. We went to Oregon for a funeral and decided to stop on the way back in our favorite place to see some of our favorite peeps (that always makes us both feel better). After spending the night in Prosser I was lucky enough to get in and see the energy dr (we call him the voodoo doc), not once but twice on Saturday and get some treatment for this chemo and these neuropathy side my body better figure out what it’s supposed to do with all this crap they keep putting in me. As usual, I can feel improvements already today so hopefully with that and the lighter dose next time the neuropathy will back down even more. If not, we’ll be going back and changing things up again and using the lighter chemo. In any case I’m hoping we have this on the run. The quality of life comes in to play big time with this particular side effect and I’m ready to be done with it.[...]

Posted 2019-11-29T23:15:48Z

11/10 Update

Ok - haven’t posted in a bit. It is hard to type these days as my neuropathy in my hands has been flaring up. This will be a busy week - tomorrow is another chemo day. After chemo will be a visit to the oncologist to discuss this neuropathy stuff. Tuesday the surgeon will check and hopefully sign off that the seroma is gone and healed and we are good to move on to radiation. Assuming she does Wednesday will start in radiology to get the mapping redone and then start radiation next week. Phew. Time to fire this arrow forward. Let’s do this![...]

Posted 2019-11-29T23:12:33Z

10/28 update

Finally! A better day! First day without a temperature in 5 days! Hallelujah and thank you for answered prayers. I think I read somewhere that sleep deficit builds up and layers on and you just keep getting further behind. Is it possible that I’ve slept so much the past few days that I can’t sleep now cause I have extra built up? Probably not....I should try harder I guess. My brain hasn’t been able to function at this level in a week and it seems to be ready to get started. I’m sure the body wouldn’t mind a little extra care in taking it slowly and getting a few more zzzz’s. I seriously thought I’d look at the time and it would be almost 5. But no, 2, WAY too early to get up.[...]

Posted 2019-11-29T23:09:00Z

Support - update from 10/23

Some of the shows we watch on tv lately have hit close to home with cancer struggles the characters are going through. Tonight on Chicago Med one of the leads finally confided in a friend what was going on. The friend, having been there before said she understood keeping silent and not telling people or showing weakness. She also shared that once she let her friends in she was able to draw extreme support from those people and it was the best thing she did. I can very much relate to that. And, at the same time I find I censor myself and in my want to ‘stay positive’ that sometimes I don’t ask for help or share when I most need it.[...]

Posted 2019-10-09T23:39:17Z

Backwards to go forward...

So much has happened in the past couple of weeks. There are days that life is a whirlwind and it take a lot of concentration to focus on what needs to be done and keep pushing forward. That being said sometimes it is a step backward before you can move forward. I have a small complication from surgery. Small, but big enough to require an extra procedure before I can get radiation scheduled and start moving forward again. I have a seroma – a pocket of fluid built up where they took the lymph node from under my arm. We caught it early…not early enough to just do an aspiration in the doctor office and finish it off with in home care – and it is early enough that it has not caused any extra damage and shouldn’t have any long term affects. They will be installing a drain tomorrow that I will need to wear until it is healed and that length of time varies from patient to patient with so many variables. I am hoping for a quick recovery so we can then put the forward motion back on track and, again, will practice patience with the end game in mind along the way.[...]

Posted 2019-09-27T22:02:26Z

The beginning - 4/7/19

Sometimes it is hard to know just exactly what to say. We were informed that I have breast cancer. I will be undergoing treatment for the next year plus with surgery in about 6 months (after first round of chemo). This is very treatable and I will beat it - there are just a few bumps in the road to get there. I appreciate all of your good thoughts and prayers. If we seem a little crazier than usual you’ll know why. Lol. We will still have some balloon dates this year and many are thankfully at times that I should be feeling pretty good and not too close to a chemo treatment so I am still planning to participate when I can. If I don’t feel up to it, we still have 2 other family pilots that will need help. The main concern may be too much interaction when my immune system is compromised. This is definitely life altering for a time and we will prevail. Anyway - just a little explanation of what this page is all about. My brother came for my first chemo and we thought the title appropriate as we sat through my first chemo treatment. I am totally going to kick this thing! So many ask what they can do - for starters I will ask for your support in prayers, your work shopping, meditation, wherever or however you plug in to that higher power. I know most in this group know the power of prayer, attraction and positive thinking. This page will also make it easier to put how things are going and updates here than to try and chase everyone down or answer too many calls or texts or bury things on my personal page. You can just come here for an update. Thanks for thinking of me - I love you guys!![...]