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Posted 2019-11-29T23:12:33Z

10/28 update

Finally! A better day! First day without a temperature in 5 days! Hallelujah and thank you for answered prayers. I think I read somewhere that sleep deficit builds up and layers on and you just keep getting further behind. Is it possible that I’ve slept so much the past few days that I can’t sleep now cause I have extra built up? Probably not....I should try harder I guess. My brain hasn’t been able to function at this level in a week and it seems to be ready to get started. I’m sure the body wouldn’t mind a little extra care in taking it slowly and getting a few more zzzz’s. I seriously thought I’d look at the time and it would be almost 5. But no, 2, WAY too early to get up.

I missed some events these past days that I really wanted to be at, family and friends. It can be so hard to stay focused on taking care of self when you want so desperately to be elsewhere. I have to say tho - to finally feel human again and have my body feel environmentally clued back in - I am grateful for this day. And your jokes and stories definitely helped. So thank you and have a great week!!

(Now - time to get back and focused on healing enough to get this darn drain out!! It’s gonna happen - I can finally feel the good vibes swinging around to help me out....😉).

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