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Posted 2019-11-29T23:19:00Z

Grateful - 11/17 Update

It has been difficult to post lately with my neuropathy issues. Typing doesn’t feel too good on the fingers. I save what I gotta do for when I gotta work mostly. In any case it was a busy week. More chemo on Monday then off to the oncologist. The neuropathy is severe enough and so early on with this treatment that he’s concerned about long term damage. He will be lightening my next dose to see if that helps. We went to Oregon for a funeral and decided to stop on the way back in our favorite place to see some of our favorite peeps (that always makes us both feel better). After spending the night in Prosser I was lucky enough to get in and see the energy dr (we call him the voodoo doc), not once but twice on Saturday and get some treatment for this chemo and these neuropathy side my body better figure out what it’s supposed to do with all this crap they keep putting in me. As usual, I can feel improvements already today so hopefully with that and the lighter dose next time the neuropathy will back down even more. If not, we’ll be going back and changing things up again and using the lighter chemo. In any case I’m hoping we have this on the run. The quality of life comes in to play big time with this particular side effect and I’m ready to be done with it.

Meeting was good with surgeon and seroma is completely healed! Green light meant appointment with radiation oncologist Wednesday and another ‘simulation’ to make sure I’m ready for radiation. Next Wednesday we’ll be doing a dry run then I guess we’ll get started. Not excited to have to go the week of thanksgiving and it’ll work out - at least I’ll be done before Christmas on that one.

It took a lot of energy to go to the funeral on Friday and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. While funerals can be somber and remind us of our mortality - often it affords the opportunity to support people you are closest to and see others who you haven’t seen in a long time. We were able to do both. I was delighted to spend time with some of our chosen family and see some friends who have been very missed. One said to me something along the line of ‘this was fun - it’s like we haven’t missed any time and are able to pick things up where we left off’. My comment back was that is a sign of true friendship and I have been very fortunate to experience that several times in my lifetime. I appreciate those friendships and cherish them greatly. This day helped fill my heart and give my soul a boost. Something I think we all need once in a while. And I am super lucky to have the support I do and get that when I need it...often without my even needing to orchestrate the mechanism to make it happen.

Lately I’ve struggled to find things to look forward to and I guess now I realize I should be looking forward to those opportunities that are being put in my path to help me along. Not sure what the next one will be, with whom or where, and I know I have it to look forward to.

Start thinking of those stories you’ll tell at thanksgiving to showcase what you’re grateful for...we always tell ours before we eat and I’ve already been working on mine. Despite all that has gone on for us this year I do have a lot to be grateful for! Make it a great week - hugs!

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