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Marco D. Ruiz

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Posted 2017-03-26T04:27:20Z

Hello Again!

Hello Everyone,

It's been some time and we have good news. Marco will NOT be going in for surgery number 2, he will be moving forward with radiation and chemo. After consulting with a new neurosurgeon and much consideration of the potential benefits vs. risks involved, a 2nd surgery actually does not appear to be in Marco's best interest. We have learned that the cancer he has been diagnosed with has the reputation for responding very well to treatment. We attended the radiation oncology consultation appt. this week at UCSD and we really got a good vibe from the treatment team. We don't have a start date for treatment yet because Marco's incision is still healing. The healing has been delayed because of an infection, which has been treated. Marco has the most patience of anyone I have ever known. I know he wants so badly to just get treatment going and return to work and LIFE!

Marco has been going to physical therapy and exercising his shoulders daily at home and his ever increasing range of motion is motivation to keep up the hard work (so is gaining his independence back)!!

There are far more details and information that went into Marco's decision to pursue treatment next but the most important thing is we feel like we made a well informed and careful decision.

Thanks for remaining tuned in and sending your love and positive thoughts!

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