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Posted 2016-06-13T02:35:22Z

A week has passed...

It's been a week since the Memorial Service, a week immersed in work with very little time to reflect. For some, the services may provide some kind of closure; for others, it's just the beginning of coming to terms with Margaret's absence. At this point, it doesn't seem real--maybe I'll wake up and find that the last 10 weeks didn't happen. A couple of other family members have expressed a similar sense of unreality. Apparently that's normal. Getting used to the new reality is going to take some time. Part of that process will be a few more posthope updates.

As I think back to the visitation and the service on Saturday and Sunday, I am feeling both gratefulness for all those who came to remember Margaret and to support her family, and sadness because you are all gone, and it's back to busy life--without Margaret.  It was both a woeful and a wonderful weekend--full of tears as we experienced the pain of separation, and joy in knowing that Margaret is healthy and whole, and that through faith in Jesus, our separation is temporary. The service went longer than we planned, but we heard no complaints; in fact many commented that they'd learned new things about Margaret and that they found the service uplifting.  (A link to an audio recording is available upon request--contact Tim or contact me at [email protected]). Connecting with relatives and friends and meeting people who have been part of Margaret's and Tim's lives was part of the wonderful, as was looking at Margaret's scrapbooks and video and photo displays.

Many thanks to Pastor John Black, both for his pastoral care and for all of his involvement in the service. Many thanks also to Rich Filmore and to Karen Paradis and helpers for much time and effort that they expended in order that the visitation and memorial service go smoothly.  And thanks to First Evangelical Free Church for all else involved in the weekend's events, as well as for the solid support for Tim and Margaret during these last months.

And thank you to all those who were able to attend, whether you are local or came from a significant distance. It was a great comfort to us. To many reading this who wished to attend but couldn't, know that your thoughts and prayers have also been a comfort to us.

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Comments (2)

  • Tim Woodruff
    Tim Woodruff

    We know enough to be able to relate, although imperfectly. Therefore, Our prayers continue...

    4 years ago · Reply
  • Patty Whiting
    Patty Whiting

    It was the most beautiful service and I found it extremely uplifting and edifying and I to learn more about your awesome sister! It was one of the best memorial services I've ever been to.

    4 years ago · Reply
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