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Posted 2016-08-28T21:00:00Z

Margaret's namesake: Mary-Margaret Pearson

Margaret’s youngest brother Pete and his wife Erika have chosen to honor both Margaret and Margaret’s Mom, Mary, in the naming of their newest baby. If you’d like to know more of the story, excerpts from Pete’s letter to family are posted below, with Pete’s permission. The photos above is Mary with Margaret, who is holding baby brother Pete, in 1969. 

“There is pressure to get it right, because what you name your baby can have an 80 or 90 year shelf life. Pick something that will stand that test of time, this is what we wanted. So we took our time.

Baby Girl Pearson is now full of 3 days of age and we think we have seen enough of her to pick a name that will suit.

One of my (Pete) earliest memories of my mom was of hearing her pray. She would go into my Dad's study, close the door, and pray out loud. She did this often. I knew something important was going on behind that door. Sometimes I would slow down as I walked by and listen. Her voice was always earnest and at times it seemed like she was pleading with God. She was (and is) a strong woman, built up by decades of daily prayer and time in God's Word.

We've decided this baby girl will carry my Mom's name, Mary. I could write a lot about why I believe my Mom is so strong & special & beautiful…. " (And he did.) "... She is cut of a different cloth and I wish very much I was more like her. So may, by God's grace, some of her spirit pass on to this little 3 day old girl we now hold.

My sister Margaret died this Spring. She was just 58. She also is strong. A godly woman. She had no biological children but she had many children, because she loved and served her students…just (before) Easter this Spring she got the news that she had cancer and there were no treatments that would help. 2 months later she graduated from this life. I could go on about her. She had memories of changing my diapers (she was 11 when I was born). That'll bond you for life :) The last time I got to be with her this Spring she wanted to pray for me. For me! She was hanging on to life by a thread and she wanted to know how she could pray for me. Strong & special & beautiful. Just like her mother.…

Our prayer is that this little bit of a girl we hold in our arms today will grow to one day be as strong & special & beautiful as her namesakes – Mary and Margaret. So we have named her Mary-Margaret (a double name) Pearson. You may hear us calling her Maisie. Maisie is a diminutive form of Margaret.

Mary-Margaret was born on July 9th 2016. Pete was born on July 9th 1969. We have a lot of Daddy-Daughter birthdays to look forward to . . .

She was 6 pounds 14 ounces and 19 inches long (and joins her parents and seven siblings in Atlanta, Georgia).

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  • Brenda Veinotte
    Brenda Veinotte

    Beautiful tribute to two special ladies! Love Pete's tender heart.

    3 years ago · Reply
  • Tom Paradis
    Tom Paradis

    Alice, thank you for sharing this beautiful sentiment from Pete. It adds to our understanding of who Margaret is and the legacy she leaves us with. Pete, I thank you for sharing this wonderful news of the blessings your family is enjoying. I was the second of nine siblings and know the thrills and joys that being a part of a large family. I also know the unimaginable joy of getting a daughter for your birthday. Shared birthdays is one of the smaller blessings. God bless you all.

    3 years ago · Reply
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