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Trish Groves Trish Groves

Tim and Margaret - I noticed that Tim posted Psalm 121 this morning on his facebook page. Over the last couple of days I have been struggling what to say on here until Tim's Facebook post.

Margaret I don't know if you remember, but you and I made a pact that we would learn Psalm 121 by heart and we tested each other on it. I always stumbled at the shade at your right hand, and constantly had the image of of umbrella. Right now I am looking at the psalm which I have on my work wall, still working on memorizing, but every time I see it and read it, two things come to my mind, an umbrella and Margaret's encouragement to memorize it. It has become a psalm I cling to when I don't understand and feel lost. Thank you Margaret for a sweet visit a couple of weeks ago and your steadfast trust in the Lord. You are under the protection of his umbrella of grace.
Trish Groves

Brian M. Cook Brian M. Cook

Dear Margaret,

You have been much in our hearts and prayers in this time. It was a joy to work with you at Peniel; your entire family has been an inspiration to us and to so many. Two images I want to share with you. The first is a phrase by J. I. Packer. You may have heard it, but it is so encouraging and true. He said that death is 'the vestibule of glory.' Along with that is the memory of a conversation with Betty Alexander after she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Her words will always be with me - 'I just want to see His glory.' May the light of His glory give you joy and peace as you finish the race and cross the finish line. We are praying for you and Tim and your family. May His presence uphold and enfold you.

With our love in Christ,
Brian and Brenda Cook

Catherine  Shorr Catherine Shorr

It's May 18th at 1:23a.m. I don't really know what to say......except I love YOU Margaret💖 I am so grateful to God for YOU my beloved, Sister in Christ😊 I realize the time is our precious, heavenly, Father gently beckons YOU His beautiful & cherished Daughter home. We don't want you to leave yet, Margaret...all your's & Tim's numerous loved ones & friends. You've courageously "fought the good fight of faith" & in doing so, you are leaving an amazing legacy of inspiration & faith, for which God is well pleased! Thank-you Margaret for everything, Psalm 37:4 "Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give YOU the desires of your heart".....Good night sweet friend, LOVE&PRAYERS, Catherine ShorrXOXOXO

Frederica Johnson Frederica Johnson

Dear Margaret and Tim,
Love to you both from the Johnsons in NJ. Though you are a few miles away, you are close to our hearts. Friend are friends forever if the LORD's the LORD of them. I have shared many journeys with you, my dear friend through the years. Some more enjoyable and scenic than others. God, in his sovereignty, is with us through them all. I know that you are holding tight to His gracious right hand as He is yours. Be blessed with His presence on the journey. He loves you and Tim both.
Love and Blessings Always,
Freddie, Frank, Jon, Matt, Alia, & Mini Dog, Dixie, too.

philip lamson philip lamson

hi this is Philip you are always in my thoughts and prayers Julie and myself hiked around eco lake on may 10th wed during our vacation week for a short hike it was rugged but just enough to give us a challenge for about 4 miles duration the view was clear with the lake emerald green and at julies request we went shopping in north Conway hope to see you some day philp

Constance Woodward Constance Woodward

Hi Margaret,

You and Tim have definitely been lifted up in prayer. I have lost touch with many at GPCS since leaving. But Jenn Will gave this link. This is a great idea for keeping in touch and updating family and friends. May both of you during this journey grow in faith and trust as God may not move the mountains, or part the waters, or answer when you cry out. But there is not a day He has not seen. Learn to trust more deeply than ever. Not easy but extremely rewarding. Glad He is with you both- forever. In His Love, Connie Woodward

Patricia White Patricia White

I am now updated on your recent pics---what a gorgeous cat! And a wonderful family surrounding you. I think about you daily and pray for you and your family. I wish it were enough. I hope you can feel the love from 120 miles away. In all your very busy and your very quiet moments may you feel the very real presence of God. I am grateful for the few special memories we have shared.

Kris Waldron Thomas Kris Waldron Thomas

Thinking of you this morning, Margaret. I hope you are comfortable and feeling peaceful and loved.

Margaret Swartz Margaret Swartz

This is Tim, with a quick message at the end from Margaret. I am so happy that I've been able to spend time overnights with her. She is a lovely person, as you all know. She is unfailingly polite, considerate, focused on others but not forgetting herself. While her pain has been managed differently lately, she has been buoyed up by the past week's visits from both her and my family. So this post is to leave the following message from her. I just typed it in.
"I love you all, but I usually only make phone calls now, no text or email or Facebook."

Nancy Jensen Nancy Jensen

Hi Margaret and Tim,

Just learned about this site through school, that Alice has set you up with. This is neat. Love seeing the pictures of you here. I'm glad that spring is in the air and hope is, too. The hope of heaven is fresh, real and alive. I'm holding your hands in my heart. Love you!

Nancy Jensen

Marianne Willis Marianne Willis

Hi Margaret & Tim,

Thank you for setting up this site. Thank you to for putting the link on Facebook.

Margaret I wanted you to know that I saw Christ in you when you earthly father passed. Also it was interesting to me too see God provide your home that you had before you were married. What an answer to prayer. Thank you so much for allowing me to get to know you and for living out your faith so beautifully. You have inspired me. May God's love surround you.

Please how can I get your address?

Lorissa Ruiz Lorissa Ruiz

Dear Margaret and Tim, I enjoyed visiting the other night! I echo several of the other posts to say you both have been in our prayers daily. I was going to quote Psalm 46, which is one of my favorites, however I see someone else already did. :) We are praying you will feel God's blessings on a moment by moment basis. Thank you for the times you have also been a blessing in my life!

Kris Waldron Thomas Kris Waldron Thomas

I am so glad to be able to read this journal and see all the loving family and friends who are surrounding you, both in person and "virtually." I'm glad also that Margaret has been able to spend time outdoors, enjoying the sun AND even the rain. I can tell by her smile how much all of this means to her. Margaret and Tim- I think of you both every day and keep you in my prayers.

Catherine  Shorr Catherine Shorr

Good Morning Margaret&Tim 😊😊 It was great seeing you both, on Sunday! I'm praying for God's sustaining peace, strength, & comfort continuously for each of you! Wish I could come visit, no car 😊 however. I'm thankful for all, whom the Lord sends your way, Margaret💖 Love&Prayer, Cathie ShorrXOXOXO

Lynn Dubois Lynn Dubois

Margaret & Tim, Otto and I are sending many hugs your way. I am praying for you both. Love Lynn