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Posted 2016-06-16T12:18:42Z

a gift in loving memory of Marian Davey

In the past several years Marian has designed and crafted hundreds of dresses to fit the American Girl and other 18 inch dolls. All the proceeds, amounting to thousands of dollars, have gone to support non-traditional missions work through the Christian & Missionary Alliance. Should you wish to make a gift in Marian’s memory it is suggested you give to Marketplace Ministries of the C&MA in support of 150+ international workers in non-traditional roles.[...]

Posted 2016-06-01T19:35:38Z

she is not with us...she is HOME

Marian's journey to joy was completed at around 8:30 am on Wednesday June 1. Her passing to eternal life with her Savior was peaceful. The agony is over, now the joy has begun for Marian. In the moments preceding her death Jim was holding her hand and telling her of his love, surrounded by the Hospice Doctor and nurses who, believers themselves, have so lovingly cared for Marian over the past 10 days. The Lord was present in those sacred and holy moments.[...]

Posted 2016-05-26T21:22:28Z

trusting in God who alone knows what comes next!

Marian and I have settled in easily to the hospice unit here at Shell Point. What a blessing it is to us both. Today Marian was moved to a room right across from the Nurse’s station so they can more easily monitor her movements and needs. The doctor, nurses and aides have been wonderful. Though her vital signs continue to be strong, Marian’s condition gives concern, especially the neurological indicators such as inability to feed herself, coupled with great fatigue that make it clear that she will not be returning to our apartment. Marian is not experiencing pain (because of the pain management of the hospice staff) and is likely not very aware of her condition. Thank you for partnering in prayer for us both over these five months. We have sensed your love, and God has answered your prayers. Don’t stop praying: the journey is not yet quite over, and there is still joy to be experienced! (It’s called heaven)[...]

Posted 2016-05-24T14:09:53Z

new vocabulary

Two words I have dreaded using both pop in to today’s vocabulary: pain and Hospice. For several days Marian has been able to keep pain at bay with the use of Tylenol, but today the discomfort grew considerably more ominous. (Marian prefers the word ‘discomfort’, but then, she has a high pain threshold) Today I gave her an oxycodone which immediately sent the pain packing.[...]

Posted 2016-05-15T11:49:19Z

sticking close & holding on

It’s been quite a few days since the last post – only because there didn’t seem to be anything new to report. While Marian has continued essentially without pain, the GI issues have remained bothersome, but hardly enough to warrant an update.

However, the past couple of days there have been incidents of falling which indicate loss of strength and balance. Fortunately there has been no injury beyond soreness and bruising of flesh (and egos). We both realize how dependent we are on God for His daily strength and grace. Jim will be sticking closer to home even more going forward.

Our son Steve is out of the hospital and recovering at home. Thanks for your prayers for him as well as us.[...]

Posted 2016-05-03T01:31:02Z

they come in multiples

It seems that troubles come in multiples. But so do joys - more about that later. The building we live in has been hit with multiple troubles. One of our friends just lost a son to a hit-run driver, another is facing extensive surgery on his tongue, and other needs surface. Then our son Steve, who lives in Portland, OR, had serious surgery this past week and is looking at a long recovery period. When you pray for us, pray as well for these others who are dealing with pain and loss.[...]

Posted 2016-04-20T19:07:02Z

sitting together in church

On August 1 we will have been married 57 years! For almost all that time we have been unable to sit together in church. There were the years of pastoral ministry, and after that, choir voices kept us apart. Altos and tenors just don’t sit together! So this past Sunday it was very special to realize that for the past 3 months we have sat next to each other for “TV church”. These are memorable days as we talk and reminisce about God’s blessings on us over the years.[...]

Posted 2016-04-09T13:58:28Z

the NO-GO phase

Here at Shell Point one can sometimes hear that retirement comes in three phases. There is the 'go-go' phase, the 'slow-go' phase and the 'no-go' phase. For 14 years Marian and I lived the 'go-go' phase of retirement to the max.[...]

Posted 2016-03-30T00:01:53Z

the new normal

We seem to have hit a nice plateau that I will describe as "The New Normal". Marian seems to be stable for the time being, even improving in energy and increasing in activity. Today Jim returned to find that Marian had stripped the bed of its covering, taken it to the laundry room across the hall and washed, dried and then reinstalled it on the bed! Marian sits up all day, does some walking in the long hallway, and enjoys laughing and smiling, sometimes at my clumsy cooking![...]