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Posted 2016-01-28T18:29:24Z

the unexpected and unwelcome new reality

After enjoying a great Christmas with family and a nearly perfect meandering trip back home down the east coast, Marian found herself facing a new reality.  Having lost appetite and weight for a bit of time she went to see the doctor.  After some tests, she sent Marian off to the hospital with a hugely elevated blood sugar level and a new diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.  A short hospital stay brought down her blood sugar level but because of the impaired pancreas, Marian had to start finger sticks and insulin regulation.  It made days uncertain and stressful but she leaned hard on God, Jim and the many friends and family who offered support.

The bright spot of hope centered around the surgery scheduled for the following week which aimed to remove the cyst from the pancreas.  Scans showed that the cancer was contained and she went into the day with both the knowledge that survival from the surgery was not certain but with the possibility that the cyst could be removed and she could get much of her life back after recovery. 

Sadly, there was a third option and that's what Marian faces today.  The surgeorn discovered that the cancer had spread to the liver and so no removal was possible.   Efforts moving forward will focus on quality of life after the 4 week(or so) recovery from yesterdays surgery.

Marian is working to take in this unexpected and unwelcome new reality but as she lies in her hospital bed in her fuzzy socks she smiles and says she's at peace.  She trusts God competely and knows He and others will walk with her as she moves forward. 

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  • Dana Rose
    Dana Rose

    Dear Mrs. Davey, we were very sorry to hear your news. We know however that you are a woman with a strong faith and trust in the Creator. You and the family are in our thoughts,hearts, and prayers. Love, Dana, David, Justin, and Christopher

    5 years ago · Reply
  • Carolyn Castelli
    Carolyn Castelli

    Hi Marian and family, My father keeps us informed of what's been happening. We have your Christmas card prominently displayed above the kitchen sink as a constant reminder to pray for you! You were/are my (Carolyn's) favorite Sunday School teacher when I was a little girl. I have wonderful memories of studying God's word with you as my teacher, and the sleepover for your SS Class at your home in Nyack when you read us the Little Susie stories. Mostly it was how you made us feel special and loved. I always love seeing you now at Shell Point...your new home is just lovely and I pray you can go home from the hospital very soon! It is so encouraging to hear that you KNOW God is walking with you...His hand is holding yours during this unwelcome, though important, phase of life. We will pray for His healing touch and wonderful new memories as He walks with you going forward. Sending love and a big hug, Carolyn (Cathey) and Jay Castelli

    5 years ago · Reply
  • Carol Clark
    Carol Clark

    Thank you for keeping the "community of believers" current with your experience and for encouraging us with your strong faith. We love you and are prayerful on behalf of you and your family.

    5 years ago · Reply