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Posted 2016-01-30T21:26:14Z

hospitals are not homes...

Marian has become highly motivated to get all her systems functioning well again, a requirement for discharge.  She is up and walking a bit and has moved from food in the "clear liquid" category to all kinds of liquids.   She wants people to know she has felt God's hand with her since the beginning and each day has had reasons to praise Him.  She and Jim continue to be encouraged by notes, emails and posts...they feel extrememly loved! 

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  • Jim and Judy Mayer
    Jim and Judy Mayer

    I am so glad that Marian is working hard to come home. She has always worked hard. I would expect nothing else. Tell her that we just want her to be home as soon as she can. When she arrives home we will do our best to give her all the space and anything she would like. She is a real favorite around here. Jim is very favorite too, by the way! May God give strength, physical and spiritual for each moment. I hope you can feel His love in spite of the harsh realities you both face. He has a plan. Maybe we will understand later. I think those hardest hit are the ones you have led to Him. We all love you very much and talk to Him about you every day. I would choose for you Job's finishing years. Love Judy

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