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Posted 2016-02-04T16:30:25Z

from hospital to home...the first day

Marian''s return home was described by Lynn as "making the process of buying a car look easy'. It took 9 hours after the doctor wrote the discharge orders to the point that the hospital nursing staff got around to it. And then only with some urging from Lynn, our social worker daughter! To be honest, the floor had 6 discharges yesterday and 8 new admissions, so we understand their pressure . The 40 minute trip home was uneventful, the new meds were waiting at the pharmacy and Marian had a very restful night.

This morning she ate a good breakfast of scrambled egg and toast, walked around the apartment, read her Bible selections for the day, and then went back to bed. She is getting in and out of our very tall bed quite easily, with a little assist from Jim. Amazingly she is feeling no pain. Lynn will be leaving soon for the airport with our longtime friend Ray Cooper. She has been invaluable to us, bringing cheer as well as buying trips to find all sorts of things new to us. Thank you Lynn!

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  • Jerry Nanfelt
    Jerry Nanfelt

    Welcome Home! May God continue to be with you and bless you on your journey. Thank you, Jim, for keeping us updated on the posts. Praying for you. Jerry and Peter

    5 years ago · Reply
  • Janet Drake
    Janet Drake

    You are home! Familiar surroundings, hugs at your elbow 🙂 anytime available (full length too). A better level of comfort...being in your own space! Even not feeling 'normal' must feel better! I'll bet Jim didn't realize how gifted he was at being chief cook ! He knew he was a gifted preacher, teacher, etc. Marian, you ARE a gift, all wrapped in beauty, love and light! We continue to pray, to Hug you with our hearts and to praise God for the strength, peace, comfort and hope HE will provide for both you, Jim and your treasured family ! In Christ Jesus, Jan and Hal Drake

    5 years ago · Reply
  • Janet Howard
    Janet Howard

    Home is an oasis of peace and comfort. Today may you be refreshed by seeing the wind blowing through the palm trees, the sun's rays shining through the windows and knowing that oh so many of us, your dear friends, love you, care about you and are praying for you. Janet and Dave

    5 years ago · Reply