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Posted 2016-03-19T17:55:45Z

All Your Eggs In One Basket

I got on our elevator this morning and there was the sign "EASTER: the one time it's safe to put all your eggs in one basket!"

Immediately I said to myself, "Easter, the best time to put all your hopes in Jesus!" That's what Marian and I are doing as we enter this Holy Week. We won't be at services except by way of TV for Palm Sunday and Easter, but always our eyes are fixed on Him. This morning in our Bible reading we read Mark's account of the sufferings at the trial and crucifixion. We are reminded of what St Paul called "the fellowship of His sufferings".[...]

Posted 2016-03-09T18:41:17Z

the why question


Today Jim found himself for the first time wrestling with the 'why' questions. Why Marian of all people? Why one who has never been sick or hospitalized in her life? Why one who kept herself in top condition and loved exercise and physical activity? Why not Jim? Why not the one of this pair whose family genes don't all predict a very long life? And why this disease, and not some other with a better prognosis? And why now? Why strike Marian when she is at the height of her usefulness and effectiveness in God's Kingdom? Why, indeed![...]

Posted 2016-03-08T03:44:03Z

pray on!

Don't stop praying! That's the one message I want to leave on this blog. Don't stop praying for Marian, and please don't stop praying for Jim. Marian is doing all the really hard stuff these days, but Jim in his own way, is struggling to keep head above water and keep the tear ducts dry. And he feels your love and prayers![...]

Posted 2016-03-02T17:54:47Z

the good medicine of family

Lynn and Steve arrived on Monday of this week and that brought great smiles to Marian's countenance. Not much change in the pattern of overwhelming fatigue, however. It drives her back to bed after each meal so that much of both day and night is spent in sleep. Every day we receive notes and cards of encouragement from friends far and near; love letters, really. We are hopeful that Marian can comprehend just how far-reaching her influence has been, and just how loved she is. Please continue praying for both Marian and Jim as they walk this road together.[...]

Posted 2016-02-24T22:22:35Z

30 days of not exactly winning

It was four weeks ago today that Marian had surgery, and we received the devastating news that the pancreatic cancer could not be removed, and indeed, had spread to the adjacent liver. Lynn was with me as the surgeon explained, and I will never forget Lynn's comment, "Dad, this stinks!" Neither will I forget how Lynn held my hand as I wept out my frustration, disappointment and fear.[...]

Posted 2016-02-22T12:05:37Z

the gift of hymns

It's Sunday evening and we look back over a good day. The Village Church on TV was our sanctuary this morning. Once again we sang the hymns and read the Scriptures out loud with the congregation. The preacher this morning was Stuart Briscoe who spoke on aging using Psalm 90 as his text. It was a stirring and helpful message.[...]

Posted 2016-02-19T15:08:53Z

facing the hurdles of today

This week Marian and Jim took the first steps to enroll in Shell Point's Hospice program. This will provide a number of benefits even while Marian is at home and then excellent end of life care in the hospice unit. Marian continues with much tiredness but is eating quite well and is as active as possible. Both she and Jim are overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and affirmation they are receiving daily from friends and family far and near. Marian reports that she is free of pain and other complications. Please continue to pray.[...]

Posted 2016-02-08T16:40:10Z

going to church at home

On Saturday Jim walked to the church and brought home a copy of Sundays church bulletin. So when the service came on TV at 10:15 we felt we were part of the congregation. We sang the hymns and read the responsive Scriptures and the Apostles Creed out loud. It was especially memorable for Jim as Marian sang her alto and Jim sang melody, as they have innumerable times while singing duets together through the years. Marian is getting a bit of her appetite back and has been eating well, though she remains quite tired and sleepy. She and Jim have walked the hallway of their condo 4X yesterday since it was only 59 degrees outside - but with bright sun. Thanks to all for their prayers and love[...]