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Posted 2016-04-09T13:58:28Z

the NO-GO phase

Here at Shell Point one can sometimes hear that retirement comes in three phases. There is the 'go-go' phase, the 'slow-go' phase and the 'no-go' phase. For 14 years Marian and I lived the 'go-go' phase of retirement to the max.

So three months ago when we got Marian's diagnosis it was like being slugged from behind and knocked from 'go-go' to 'no-go' in a moment of time, missing entirely the 'slow-go' phase. As Jim has pondered this it makes sense that much of the stress he has felt is due to the utter suddenness of the events. We can count on one hand the number of times we have left our home together in the past three months. Thankfully, our apartment is functional, attractive and well equipped and we really enjoy being with each other. While Marian continues with no pain, for which we are thankful, we would appreciate your prayer for wisdom and the effectiveness of medicines as she deals with digestive issues that keep us so close to home. We do treasure this time together and the continuing love of family and friends.

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  • Vida Burgess
    Vida Burgess

    Praying for you daily. I can only imagine the shock you feel at the beginning of each new day as you face life from such a different perspective. I somewhat understand as Dick seemed to go from the "go- go" stage to the"slow- go" stage so quickly until the Lord took him Home. I remember how amazed I was as I could see Marian walking by our lanai. She was full of energy and you could see the smiles and feel the joy even from a distance.May God grant you peace as you travel this unknown path - but with His ever present hand to guide you.

    4 years ago · Reply
  • Jan Biddulph
    Jan Biddulph

    Howard and I totally understand how the suddenness affects you....ours being different with Michael going home to heaven in a split second, but sensitive to your needs within your own circumstances. Thus, our prayers for you on THIS day of your different journey and during these past 3 months. And, of course, our love!

    4 years ago · Reply
  • Carolyn Castelli
    Carolyn Castelli

    I had never heard of these three phases DOES make sense that it's a hard adjustment for both of you to go from go-go to no-go! Praying this time of staying put will be a huge blessing for you and family...and that those digestive problems will improve.

    4 years ago · Reply
  • Ruth Deuber
    Ruth Deuber

    Haven't been there, don't know what it would be like.We all will have decisions and outcomes that are not like those of anyone else. We just pray that God is with us and gives us strength sometimes beyond what we think we can handle. Ruth Deuber

    4 years ago · Reply
  • Kate Sullivan
    Kate Sullivan

    You were given this life because you are strong enough to lead it. Trust that God has given you the strength you need.

    4 years ago · Reply
  • Janet Howard
    Janet Howard

    Give thanks for togetherness. These days are valuable even when there's not much activity. Friends at Caleb & Co. prayed for you at the retreat in northern GA this week. We saw photos of you both sharing your lives with the missys at that 2010 retreat. I pray that God would ease the digestive problems and give each of you with your own personal inner struggles a sweet awareness of His presence always.

    4 years ago · Reply
  • William Payne
    William Payne

    Music has always been very close to my heart and right now " Learning to Lean" comes to my mind. Even though that can be a theme song for any of us , I know that must be one that would have capital letters for you right now. "LEARNING TO LEAN". Continuing to lift you up in our prayers. Phyllis Payne

    4 years ago · Reply
  • Neal Clarke
    Neal Clarke

    Thanks for your openness. You have taught by word and example all your lives and you are still doing it. Those of us who are still somewhat go go can profit from what you are learning and sharing. We are continuing to pray and also give thanks as we perceive that you are experiencing strength for each day. I'm motivated to pray for many more.

    4 years ago · Reply
  • Mike Scales
    Mike Scales

    You are loved so much. In fact, you both are loved so much and by so many - I doubt the Master has many seconds during the day when He is not hearing a prayer, a heart-felt utterance, on your behalf. There is an army of us standing with you. You are loved.

    4 years ago · Reply
  • Jim and Judy Mayer
    Jim and Judy Mayer

    One more couple of soldiers who love you are right downstairs and pray for you every day. It is good to think of a stream of prayer being lifted from this place for you both. I echo what Mike Scales has said above. YOU ARE LOVED AND appreciated very much. Listen, hold, see and touch with your favorite music playing when you have the energy. Thanks for your words every few days. We also stand with you.

    4 years ago · Reply