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Posted 2016-05-03T01:31:02Z

they come in multiples

It seems that troubles come in multiples. But so do joys - more about that later. The building we live in has been hit with multiple troubles. One of our friends just lost a son to a hit-run driver, another is facing extensive surgery on his tongue, and other needs surface. Then our son Steve, who lives in Portland, OR, had serious surgery this past week and is looking at a long recovery period. When you pray for us, pray as well for these others who are dealing with pain and loss.

So it is easy to forget the joys that also come to us in multiples. A visit yesterday from long time friends and colleagues Phil and Beckie Skellie brought back many memories. And a visit from our good friend Betsy Kincaid who lost her husband Tom a year ago was a great comfort to us. Friends have rallied around us with unbelievable love and generosity, giving us encouragement and helps. So thank the Lord with us for the multiplied blessings we enjoy, even as we walk this unwelcome journey.

Marian continues with the GI issues, but experiences no pain. She has lost a lot of weight, but retains her wonderful smile and positive outlook. She is able to help me in kitchen duties - cooking and cleanup - and we both sleep well night after night. Each day begins with strong coffee and reading of Scripture, a pattern of many, many years. It is true, "the mercies of the Lord are new every morning."

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  • Phil Skellie
    Phil Skellie

    It is ironic that we are encouraged as we seek to bring encouragement to others. It was a tonic to see you both modeling courage and perseverance. Also good to see the "craftsman" lair and solve the challenges of the church over just one cup of coffee. Will be remembering you and Steve.

    4 years ago · Reply