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Marian Davey - Journal

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Posted 2016-01-30T21:26:14Z

hospitals are not homes...

Marian has become highly motivated to get all her systems functioning well again, a requirement for discharge.  She is up and walking a bit and has moved from food in the "clear liquid" category to all kinds of liquids.   She wants people to know she has felt God's hand with her since the beginning and each day has had reasons to praise Him.  She and Jim continue to be encouraged by notes, emails and posts...they feel extrememly loved! [...]

Posted 2016-01-28T18:29:24Z

the unexpected and unwelcome new reality

After enjoying a great Christmas with family and a nearly perfect meandering trip back home down the east coast, Marian found herself facing a new reality.  Having lost appetite and weight for a bit of time she went to see the doctor.  After some tests, she sent Marian off to the hospital with a hugely elevated blood sugar level and a new diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.  A short hospital stay brought down her blood sugar level but because of the impaired pancreas, Marian had to start finger sticks and insulin regulation.  It made days uncertain and stressful but she leaned hard on God, Jim and the many friends and family who offered support.[...]