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The Second Cancer Journey - The Challenges of Metastatic Breast Cancer

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Between Cycles One and Two

February 14, 2019

I am now in my "week off" which is really two weeks until I go back to Texas Oncology on the 26th.  Today, I did have a full day in the "real world" on my own.  My hairdresser trimmed up both wigs so now wispy hairs do clear my eyes.  This afternoon, I joined friends up in the clubhouse to play a few hands of MahJongg and really enjoyed the camaraderie (mask and all).

Jim made me feel extra special, too, on this Valentines Day.  He gave me a dozen lovely yellow roses which are my favorite.  In fact 52 years ago, I broke tradition and carried them as my wedding bouquet instead of traditional white flowers.  Since restaurant dining is not in the cards for a while, we ate boiled lobster and shrimp at home.  It was a happy day.

February 15, 2019

Hmm, live and learn -- I overdid it yesterday so felt a bit punk today.  I cannot be on the go from morning to night, but that was always me with no repercussions.  It's a new reality now.

February, 16, 2019

PostHope site was down late yesterday through this evening.  Tonight was a chili cookoff and potluck up at the clubhouse.  We did not go, of course, but were not left out when one friend asked us in the morning to be a taster.  It was really good (her chili came in second place).  Later in the evening after things had shut down, another friend brought us a few bowls of the other entries to enjoy in the days ahead.  My stomach and appetite are not giving me problems, though smaller portions with small snacks inbetween do better

February 19, 2018

Today was the first day of my "official" week off from treatment.  Another of our wonderful neighbors brought dinner, while two other friends stopped by with wine and snacks to celebrate the fact that things are going well.  They also wanted to see the job done here at the house yesterday by a local grout cleaning company from whom they also received a quote.  "About Grout" did a fantastic job and while they were here, Jim and I took a picnic lunch up to mountains to enjoy a beautiful day's weather and get out from being underfoot the whole time.

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