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The Second Cancer Journey - The Challenges of Metastatic Breast Cancer

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Back on Track! Cycle 5 Day 1

We had good news yesterday that the revised chemo dosage at 80% administered on May 7, followed by a week off, is doing its work to allow my white blood cells to recoup without artificial help!  Yes, yesterday's infusion will knock them back somewhat, but the counts that are the critical indicators were well within the normal range. Next week's infusion on May 28 should be able to go ahead on schedule. Have Dr. Herrarda, Jim and I breathed a sigh of relief?  You guessed it -- of course!

Further upbeat news is that other counts show the liver is healing.  There will never be cure, but the goal is to hold the disease at bay.  What is happening in the bone marrow is not forgotten, but Dr. Herrarda smiled and said that most people live with that for a long time.  I intend being one of those people! 

An increased number of infusion days does not look like it will be needed either.  We came home feeling we had had a "win, win" day.


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