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The Second Cancer Journey - The Challenges of Metastatic Breast Cancer

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Posted 2020-01-17T02:23:03Z

Cycle 6: "... Be sure to get from the day, not just through the day."

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  2020 is bound to better and happier than 2019.  The rough road seems to be behind Jim and me.  Overall, I feel good.

A while ago a friend gave me the quote above, and it is an important factor in anyone's life.

Beginning with that thought  --  my fatigue level continues to be moderate as long as I temper my time.  Social life is getting back to a more normal pace.  Playing MahJongg twice a week with two different groups of ladies gets me "out and about".  This week is the monthly German Club meeting.  Jim and I do occasionally go again to a restaurant.  Most of the time, my eye does not tear until mid-day when Jim then patches it.  The Bells Palsy continues to improve slowly. 

While I was away for Christmas in Arkansas, a more humid area, I went for days without the right eye covered.  While in Mena with Jim, Rosemarie and Bill, we had a Christmas party with neighbors.  At New Years, we joined East Texas friends to celebrate.  On the drive home from there, we stopped in the Waco area to make another short overnight visit with another friend.  Jim did the driving on the 2,000 mile round trip, and I held up fine.  Now we are looking forward to again using the RV on a limited scale.

Some new pictures are posted.

This Ibrance cycle has been quite steady without any new side effects.  Well, maybe just some dry skin, but it is winter in a dry climate.  My bone-on-bone pain in the left hip and other areas of nerve pain in the groin and lower back continue, but can be handled for now with topical gels like Voltaren 2.3  twelve-hour release or cannabis cream.  I also have a Lidocaine 10% spray and pills, but this is an on-going daily situation.  Last week I saw the Pain Management physician assistant and discussed some other non-procedural options.  This week, I met with Dr. Herrada and Nidia.  My blood counts remain low but steady, so no changes in cancer treatment were recommended.  Nidia, a physician assistant herself, was adamant, however, that I change my next appointment with Dr. Lopez' office and insisted I see only him in the future to make determinations regarding any future procedure to mitigate pain and not rely on gels or pills.  Just before Christmas, one of the two shots in the spine did remove leg pain below the left hip to the knee.  Nidia, herself, sent a text to Dr. Lopez stressing that I was a cancer patient and should see only the doctor from here on out!!  She feels another procedure discussion is warranted.  I called yesterday and handled that.  February 11 is now my date for next appointments with both oncologist and pain management doctors.  

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