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The Second Cancer Journey - The Challenges of Metastatic Breast Cancer

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Posted 2019-11-16T01:10:48Z

We enjoyed some travel!

Jim and I had the “go ahead” from Nidia to take our first trip in ages last week!  Cycle 3 of Ibrance is almost done, and, again, I am glad to say that the medication is not having any ill effects.  My endurance during the day is returning.  We flew with all precautions to Boston and drove out to Cape Cod for a family gathering to celebrate the fantastic life of my adventurous aunt who passed away at the age of 98.  Seeing sisters and cousins was a wonderful spirit-lifter!  Jim and I had some time to sight-see in the charming little towns and enjoyed walking around Provincetown.

I saw Dr. Raul Lopez the day before our flight from El Paso on November 6, and got a shot of dexamethodone 4mg and lisionopril in my lower back.  It really worked well for 48 hours of hip and lower back pain control, but then my situation returned to its prior state.  I see him again this Tuesday, November 19, after my monthly appointment at Texas Oncology.  We shall see what may come next.

Meantime, I successfully completed physical therapy for balance issues.  Caution is still needed with one eye patched to control tearing of the right eye – a Bell’s Palsy issue.  There is slowly a definite overall improvement.

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