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The Second Cancer Journey - The Challenges of Metastatic Breast Cancer

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Cycle 8 Day 8 -- Yesterday, August 13, 2019

It seemed like a long day yesterday, but it really was not, since it was just the lab work (some things were marginal, but mainly in the normal range) and the chemo infusion.  I also had Cycle 2 of the Xgeva shot for my bone strength. 


Bryce’s presence makes each day special.  He went with us to El Paso and got me settled into the infusion lab.  While I was getting the chemo,  I suggested that he and Jim do the scenic drive above the medical center area (aptly named “Pill Hill”) and also pick up some items at Costco for me, which they did  -- what great guys!


We stopped at Jason’s Deli back in Las Cruces and brought home a muffaletta to share.  I did eat my quarter sandwich and then faded for a few hours, after which we played games before eating again. 


The neighbor who brought dinner could not have guessed better at what would be appreciated -- a lovely light summer salad meal including homemade gazpacho.


Now, today, I am forcing myself to eat.  My weight is dropping.  I have zero appetite, some queasiness and very selective taste buds.  It is probably the accumulation of the months of chemo, pain meds, plus the Bell’s Palsey prednisone and anti-viral meds.  Oh well, we think (hope) that next week’s infusion will be the last.

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