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Posted 2019-12-18T05:27:00Z

Cycle 5: It is Catch-up Time Again

The past month has actually been fairly normal (more or less…)!  (More in a minute.)  I had no ill effects after the Cape Cod trip, and the pain shot did help, but for a short while.  Consequently, at a two-week follow up when I got back, a second, more aggressive regimen of shots was scheduled, this time into the spinal tissue.   Today  I had the first of what seems like will be part of a monthly series until the dosages achieve the desired goal of easing nerve aggravation down the spine, to the lower back, across the hip and groin and down the left thigh to the knee.  The cortisone is the same as last time, but this time I  was given a mild relaxant, which has not worn off yet, so will sleep well tonight (even after sleeping away the whole afternoon once I got home).  I may not see the full results of the cortisone for a week to 10 days, so will keep notes.

Appointments:  January 8, 2020 – Pain Management follow-up office appointment

                         January 14, 2020 -- Texas Oncology Cycle 5 follow up labs, office visit, port flush and Xgeva shot per routine regimen.

The Oncology appointment went really well.  My labs are still holding where they allow me to continue with Ibrance.  We met with Dr. Herrarda who is satisfied with my progress, so – despite having had a heavy head cold now for 10 days, the white cells did hold!  Jim diligently checked several times a day for fever – None!  The concern was flu or pneumonia, but these warning signs were not there.  Actually, tonight it seems like the head cold is on the run.  Without being allowed certain remedies or the flu shot due to their complications for the liver, Robitusson is my “go to”.  Another complication in this past month was the development of a petechiae-like rash on my left leg and calf.  We think it was due to too much of the bone-pain med Nabumetone, an NSAID.  Once I stopped taking it the rash faded.  Dr. Herrada suggests taking it on an ”as-needed” basis rather than as a maintenance drug, especially now with the shots.

There you have it.  Once the cold is really gone, stamina should improve again.  Bells Palsy has quite a ways to go, so it may drag slowly on, but at least I have a smile again!!

We leave tomorrow by car for an Arkansas Christmas as we wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!!

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  • Phyllis Feil
    Phyllis Feil

    Looking forward to seeing you in Arkansas. Drive safely! Carl and Phyllis

    3 months ago · Reply
  • Rosie Kelly
    Rosie Kelly

    Can’t wait to meet up in Mena. We have had at so many great Christmases up there. It will be lovely to do it again. Going on a trip down Memory Lane!!!

    3 months ago · Reply
    • Marianne Foreman
      Marianne Foreman

      For sure! We will miss the rest of the family we know.

      3 months ago · Reply
  • Ingrid Luchini
    Ingrid Luchini

    Frohe Weihnachten, liebe Marianne und lieber Jim, und ein sehr gutes Jahr 2020! Ingrid und Ben

    3 months ago · Reply
    • Marianne Foreman
      Marianne Foreman


      3 months ago · Reply
  • George Ann Wilson
    George Ann Wilson

    Some good news, some not so. I love it that y'all are still traveling. Where are you going for Christmas or are you celebrating at home"? Wishing you a very merry Christmas. Love to you both. George Ann

    3 months ago · Reply