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My journey with kidney cancer

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Posted 2019-10-08T02:45:31Z


So I saw my doc last Monday Sept. 30th. First is always labs and they all came back great and then came the scan results. Results were excellent including one particular tumor on my trachea branch which was of major concern two years ago. After my initial treatment that tumor shrunk a lot and on these last scans, it shrunk some more. 2 years later and tumors are still shrinking? There is no doubt that all of this is a God given gift but why me is still the big question. A friend from church is struggling terribly after about a year and a half of fighting throat cancer. Another class mate from high school is dealing with stage 4 pancreatic cancer and my wife and I were honored that he wanted us to know before others because of how we have treated him in the past, which is as Jesus taught us, love thy neighbor. Survivors guilt? Yep, it's alive and well as is the age old question of "what did I do to deserve the good fortune while others who are seemingly better people than me, are taken too early. It's all in God's plan which someday we may get to have a small glimpse at. 

Anyway, since March or April I have been having some breathing issues that I haven't taken care of until recently and. many tests later we have some answers even though they may be guesses, although educated. The best guess is a combination of bronchitis and allergies, one of which is grass which I have never had before. So I get to use a new steroid inhaler probably permanently but there is another test to come. I have never had a pet scan before but in discussing this with my oncologist, he suggested it in case there is something hiding that might be contributing to the respiratory issue.  I will do this in a couple weeks and hope and pray they find nothing.

I went to the doctor by myself because my wife had bunion surgery along with every toe on her right foot having something done to it. She has been in a lot of pain and required a lot of tlc of which I was and am, happy to do. She is able to walk in her boot now but still needs to prop it up now and again. Another 2-3 weeks and she'll be back in a shoe sporadically until she heals completely and we can put this behind us.

We will maintain our every 4 month visits for now which I am very happy with. After going so often over the years, the 4 month interval is kind of scary and going out any further would be very uncomfortable for me. Sounds stupid right? Yes, to me too, but true. These diseases make simple decisions more difficult because the y interfere with common sense thinking and play tricks on your mind. I was going to ask my doctor if I could go on a 6 month interval but the more I thought about, whether I would be granted it or not, I found myself worried about going another 2 months before seeing my doc. Very strange, it's not just a physical disease like many others.

If anything of significance comes from the pet scan, I will post. If not, I will continue to enjoy our granddaughter and wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving and CHRISTmas season. See you all in February...........

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