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Posted 2018-01-06T16:31:03Z


           Well, I had scans on the 27th of December per trial protocol and now will wait 60 days for the next ones. There is another set after that but was told 100 days so I don't know if that means from the last scans or 40 days after the last, I'm guessing 100 from the 60 day scans but you never know. These trials can have some funny rules in fact I had a biopsy on the 20th of December that was unexpected but handled easily. The doctor said it would be harder since she had such a smaller target to work with.

          As expected, with the results of these latest scans, the tumors have shrunk again. I made a chart showing the sizes pre-trial and the progression starting with the scans taken while I was in the hospital and it made it much easier to track and follow. A centimeter is around 5/8"- 3/4" and I had 2 that were 5 centimeters(cm), one in the adrenal gland and the other in the area of the tracheal branch. There were 3 other major tumors in the branch area and 4 lung nodules that we weren't really concerned with as the others were of more concern than those.

        I said there "were" because the one was and still is re-classified as a cyst. One of the lung nodules is down to 3 mm which is quite small and probably wouldn't be acknowledged if it hadn't already been known about. To give you an idea of how the drugs are working, the two 5 cm tumors are now 2 cm's. A 3 cm tumor is now 1 cm and a 4 cm tumor is now 1.7 cm, all quite significant in size difference. When I saw doc on Thursday along with the trial coordinator, they were still both astounded at  what is happening here. Better yet, doc knows that the PDL1 drugs will work on me in the future if needed. Just to clarify, these "tumors" are actually infected lymph nodes, they aren't appendages that grew from nothing like an alien movie.

        The thyroid issue continues and has me noticing a lot of changes in my body chemistry. It is now under performing so we are now in hypothyroidism and I just started a supplement drug Friday to correct it. When I asked if this was permanent doc said the scholars would say yes, but he isn't convinced of that yet, at least with me I guess. It evidently takes 4 days for the pills to get into your system and start making a difference and I am more than ready for that to start the first of the week. Sounds like we might have to adjust the dosage possibly so that will be checked at my next blood work visit in a month.

         I was just starting to feel a little better the first week of December when the flu bug got me and tore me up for 2 weeks with a cough that lasted 4 weeks. then, I was gifted with a cold for another week so I have been sick since October basically but have felt pretty good the last 4 days although it was -4 this morning, actual temp, when I got up at 6 so I don't see me taking any chances and wandering outside today at least.

         Hopefully everyone had a joy filled Thanksgiving and CHRISTmas as well as a safe New Years Eve and day. For us, this is starting out as a year with promise for good things both big and small. Little Cora is almost 4 months now and can't wait to walk and get on with life. She went to CHRISTmas eve service with us at church and was an angel after having a somewhat rough day. My health is showing good signs and we will find out more about Annette's eye on the 5th of February. I'm hoping the arctic air is done for the year and we can get back to somewhat normal temps but if not, we'll deal with it and look for a warmer place to move to, haha.

         Appreciate what you have and who you have and until next time...........

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  • Luke Hartman
    Luke Hartman

    Just got to reading this. How cool. Like sooo cool. This is the most encouraging news in a while. Just trailing behind the Thanksgiving week news that was super crazy! Love ya, Pops!

    2 years ago · Reply