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Posted 2018-06-24T01:35:50Z


          Thursday morning we met our new doctor after having scans on Wednesday morning. They were originally scheduled for last Friday but both Annette and I came down sick Thursday and I was in no shape to go in Friday so we re-scheduled. Everything in the office was rather odd but yet very professional. Odd to us as the nurses went about business as normal as always but for us, it was different. To them, they just kept the office operating as it always had even with a new man in charge.

         Dr. Fulafac is from somewhere in Africa and has only dealt with the kidneys and diseases of them. He was very easy to understand and had more sense of humor than Olencki as he was very kind but very focused on his work. WE discussed the scans as he said everything remained stable with some slight shrinkage and copied Olencki saying that I should see many years of success from the treatment. He also said that my results contributed greatly to the final findings and what is now an FDA approved treatment as of April. We discussed the treatment with me asking how many completed the entire 7 doses and he said that after the first 4 that were combined doses, they found no need to administer the last 3 due to good results from the first 4. He also said they were trying it with most other forms of cancer to see if it will work and how wide the range of treatment really is.

       So we joked around a little more and parted ways much more quickly than we had ever gotten out before, a big plus. My heart rate and such was back to normal mostly and though my thyroid numbers are still elevated slightly, I think we are as close as they are willing to try to tinker with it for now. Labs were excellent so overall I think the doc was very pleased with where I am.

   We had really hoped to see our old doctor but it wasn't to be so I will pen him a nice letter and stick it in a card to be mailed to his office so I can truly thank him for all he did for us. 7 years under his care and I'm doing well with an incurable cancer, something to think about. It's happening more and more but there are still way too many losing the battle. 

     He is keeping me at every 3 months for now but I expect that to change if I continue along the path I'm on now so another nice break for you from me. Enjoy your summer and the 4th of July and labor day and until next time...........

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