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Posted 2018-09-24T02:41:33Z


        Last Thursday I went to see my doctor after having scans done the Friday before. Seems like I know everyone that works at the place I get scans now except when they bring in a newbie. I say hi to all of them and some even stop by to say hi if they are busy when I am going in. There is goodness and sadness to this but mostly goodness because of the new friendships I have made and knowing that they really care and are happy to see someone doing okay after all this time.

     So, Thursday morning the scan reports came in on my phone and after reading them we decided Annette didn't need to go especially since they were shorthanded at her work that day. The reports looked good even showing more shrinkage on a couple tumors but minimal growth on one adrenal tumor.The other adrenal tumor wasn't even noted but was brought up in conversation so we don't know if one is gone or there was only one to begin with, either way, good news. The tumors have all shrunk to a manageable size so we have some leeway with a little growth now.

     The meeting with the NP went well mostly showing baby pics to each other but also checking off all the info we go over each visit. When doc came in we discussed the good results and future treatment if needed. That discussion arose because I inquired about removing my port which I have had since February of 2013. It requires maintenance every 4-6 weeks which isn't difficult but the point was, if he doesn't think I'll be using it for quite a while, is it worth keeping and going through the expense of maintenance even though insurance covers it. He expressed the future treatment to be in pill form which I protested slightly but was quickly calmed by be told there are 3 more new trials available since I did mine a year ago along with being able to re-install a port if needed.

    Doc and I discussed family a bit and a laugh or two and parted ways but the 2nd NP stayed to check my breathing and such. She also re-iterated how amazing my results have been and that they are obviously a happy outcome for their office. I was also moved to every 4 month appointments which is a huge sign of confidence of where we are and where we are heading right now. I wished them Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas and went on my way.

   Since the last visit our granddaughter Cora has turned one and began walking, or wobbling. We had a great birthday party for her and went to family reunion on my dad's side of the family visiting with cousins I haven't seen for 50 years. Some more recent but most, it has been a while. Even met some I hadn't met and others that remembered me but me not them because I was too young. My dad's side was a large family coming here from Germany and my oldest sister has done a lot with the history and it's quite interesting and extensive.

   We have started and completed some projects and both are working steady these days along with enjoying our time we have with Cora. Family is the center of our family, always has been. It's always nice to spend time with each other and we have been fortunate lately to get a visit from Luke and Becky as well as my siter Judy and her husband John. Ane of course, emily's dog, winston, spends most of his time here. We lost our dog Lucy recently so Winston seems to be good company for Jack.

   Enough for now and the visits get farther apart which is a good thing. By now you all know my thoughts on life and the important in it. I hope a great Thanksgiving  and Merry CHRISTmas is enjoyed by all as well as health and happiness. Love from us to you all and until next time...........

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  • Laura Tiberi
    Laura Tiberi

    God is great. So happy to hear of your continued good outcomes. Blessings to you and your family this fall season and extra special thanks for Thanksgiving !

    one year ago · Reply
  • Harold Hord
    Harold Hord

    Outstanding report Mark!!! You are in our prayers!!

    one year ago · Reply