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Posted 2019-05-31T00:27:56Z


Last session I took off and didn't write anything but will catch up tonight. So, at the end of January we saw the doc and got good news of stable tumors with 1 or 2  having minor shrinkage. The shrinkage was insignificant and really not worth reporting although, the results were.

So, we saw him again this morning and got much of the same results. The difference is that the shrinkage was measurable this time and, incredible. To think that after 20 months and only 2 doses tumors are still shrinking, WOW! God is good, all the time! We did have a lung tumor that grew slightly but the medical team doesn't seem concerned about the lung stuff.

We spent some time with doc discussing the future of society pertaining to health as well as treatment and research in the cancer field and it's getting more promising every day. I'm not ready to try it out right now but nice to know there are great minds at work on a devastating disease.

On the personal front, we have been enjoying our granddaughter and life except we lost our last dog a week ago Saturday. We went shopping and came home and he greeted me and then went out to see momma when he fell over. She picked him up thinking he was having a seizure but it turned out to be either a massive stroke or heart attack. Within a short time, while I was on the phone with the vet, he passed in her arms. Very sad day, Jack was such a good little boy although he was 12 years old. He was still our little man, battling sugar for over 4 years to the point of being blind for probably the last 10 months at least. Tough little guy that left a big hole in our life. We have a couple parakeets that we adopted from someone that had passed so they fill the void slightly. Emmy's little yorkie spends a lot of time here as he and jack were buddies so he helps too but only time will ease the pain of losing both jack and lucy in the last 10 months.

Annette retired for the second time and is enjoying herself and the flowers and flower beds, yard, etc., look outstanding. Her hard work is quite obvious. She has been fighting some respiratory garbage, which could be allergies but not sure, for quite some time now but hoping to solve that puzzle soon. I have had an issue with my right tricep area and my oncologist wants to do a bone scan next week just to make sure but we don;t suspect anything of that nature. If that is clear, I will check with an ortho to get a scan or mri and see what's happening in there but not overly worried about it even though it's one of those nagging pains.

So, we continue on our 4 month schedule and the next visit will mark 2 years since treatment and results. I hope all of your lives and journeys have been blessed like ours. A discussion I got into this morning with one of the nurses was about a girl in registration who doesn't seem to have joy in her life. I said to the nurse, just look around here in the waiting room and look at the folks sitting out there. How can you not feel blessed when you see the range of emotions on the many faces as well as their physical state. We fully understand how much we have been blessed and how fortunate we are in so many ways. Summer vacations aren't yet in ink yet but the New England area is calling our name for one of them so we'll see where God takes us.

Don't take things for granted, every day is a gift, enjoy it. Till next time..............

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  • Laura Tiberi
    Laura Tiberi

    Wonderful health report- you are hanging tough and God continues his many blessings! I agree- how can we not feel blessed! But I am so sorry about your pup... always sad when we lose them. Best to you! LauraTiberi

    one year ago · Reply