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Marty's Neurosurgery

Marty is going in for neurosurgery on April 8th. We hope this gives an outlet to share information with family and friends who love and care about Marty and want to know[...] read more

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Posted 2016-05-05T15:04:30Z

Four Weeks!!

Tomorrow will mark four weeks since Marty's neurosurgery. I haven't posted a lot since we've been home because honestly, it has been hectic and we have really needed time to adjust to different schedules with the kids, my work, home duties, etc., not to mention navigating Marty's ever-changing needs as he continues to recover. The days seem half the length they should be, however, though it's been only four weeks, it seems like so much longer.

Recovery has been slow but steady. We have ups, and we have downs, but all in all, we are continuing to forge forward. Marty is doing great though! He is finding his stride and starting to feel like himself again. His activity is still restricted, but on Monday we go back to see his neurosurgeon. He is very much hoping to be given a little more rope.

Thank you all for your continued prayers for his recovery!! We are looking forward to Marty getting back on his feet 100% and to begin to put this part of the chapter behind us. We love you all and ask for your continued thoughts and prayers.

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