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Posted 2016-04-05T03:29:00Z

Amazed and Humbled

Since posting about Marty's upcoming neurosurgery the other day, we have been overwhelmed with love and support.  To say that we are humbled is a gross understatement. 

Our goal of posting was to let our loved ones in on the journey we are facing, so that no matter how far away someone was, they could reach out to him with words of encouragement and stay updated of his status.  Never in a million years did we expect the outpouring of love that has come our way the last several days, through phone calls, text messages, emails , Facebook posts and so much more!  

Today was particularly difficult, for reasons we don't really know.   Perhaps it is the newness of it all and the unknown expectations of what the surgery will bring.  Perhaps it is the worry we feel and the hope that everything will go as planned.  Or perhaps it is because we have tried so hard to stay too strong for too long through a situation that is beyond our understanding and control.  We go through life trying to control our variables so that we can know what to plan for, and so that we can try to plan for the unexpected.  It is when something like this comes along that we realize that we really have no control at all.  That has been a very difficult and humbling realization for us.

Today, we were further humbled, by a band of brothers whom Marty holds near and dear to his heart...brothers whom he has shed blood, sweat and tears with - literally - I've seen the stains on the jerseys to prove it :) 

There is something so special about a team...the way they always have your back, the way they lift you up when you are down and how they love and look out for one another.  Marty is a part of a very special team, the KU Hockey Alumni, who today reached out to help their teammate and lift him up, and who in their own words, "hijacked" our Facebook pages to post a Go Fund Me page in "Party Marty's" name entitled "PartyMarty's SuperPac Campaign Fund". Reading through their carefully crafted message, we knew they wanted to make us laugh, to ease the pain we are going through and to lend a hand to their teammate from afar. 

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to Eric Mathias, Adam Paulitsch and all the KU Hockey boys who helped to put this together, and to all of our friends and family who have contributed!  You truly turned our tears into laughter, and you lifted our spirits.  We are humbled beyond words. 

We love you all!  


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  • Kris Riehl
    Kris Riehl

    A great post, and thanks to Matt's hockey buddies/brothers. You are really wonderful, and I'm so glad you are there for him. I will check out the Go fund me. Love and kisses to you, my family. Love, Aunt Kris

    3 years ago · Reply
  • Heather Walters
    Heather Walters

    Hey Matt. You are my first, first cousin, so I've had more time to like you, and love you. You have always been my favorite (boy cousin -lol! Gee, hard win. Haha!) I used to be so proud to get to babysit you and loved hearing you laugh, which I still love. I see that little boy now in your kids and it brings back such treasured family memories, while making new ones. Sometimes I wish we were still little kids, literally bouncing around Grandma and Grandpa's basement, and that 'we' never had to move. But no matter how many years, miles, or memories apart we were one thing was always with us: Love. And that family love has kept us close. Or maybe changing your diapers. Yea, changing diapers makes you close. Haha! Butt, ah hem, I mean you are facing a scary surgery. I can't make you laugh through it but... Grandma will be there. She has a long medical background running a surgeon's office. She will make sure everything is ready, in order, and proceeds as scheduled. And Aunt Michelle will be there too. She knows Grandma's system. She is the assistant manager double checking everyone's work. And Grandpa will be there to propose a toast to a successful surgery with a cherry on top! And ultimately, God will be there. He's head in charge to guide the surgeon's steady hand and proper placement. God will coach the surgical team to assure everyone is alert and focused. God will be making sure your brain does not suffer any damage and is placed where it is supposed to be, your spine is protected, and your skull is not cracked. God will provide you with complete healing. ☆God is our protector☆ Have Faith in Him! ♡...God is Love...♡ You've got a lot of cheerleaders Matt! Here, there, near, far, family, friends, facebook, teammates, your Soulmate! your kids, cousins, aunts, uncles, in-laws, your Mom, Dad, Damon, Alice, Grandma (s), Grandpa (s)...and Me♡

    3 years ago · Reply