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Posted 2016-04-07T02:04:54Z

Preparing for the Shave

If Marty had it his way, he would have the long locks he had in college.  Since graduating, however, he has gone for a shorter, more "professional" look.  The first time he went from his medium-length hair to a shorter look was traumatic for him, but he NEVER thought he'd go this short.

The other day, knowing they would shave his head before surgery, he took matters into his own hands and went in for the shortest haircut I have ever seen him have (though I have seen photos from freshman hockey hazing when he inadvertently sported the cue ball). 

Marty was a little nervous to go shorter.  It's a superstitious hockey thing that I don't fully understand.  I equate it to Steve Prefontaine, as though longer hair is linked to better performance.  He did it though, and actually likes it...other than the complaint that the back of his head is cold :)

Marty has gotten a lot of compliments since going shorter.  Our favorite, although not technically a compliment, was from our 4 year old, Rylan, who said to him, "Dad, why did you switch your head?"  It's the little things in life that keep us laughing and keep our spirits up, like God's little gifts that He drops down to make us smile!

One day and counting...and we appreciate every little smile and ray of sunshine that comes our way!

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