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Posted 2016-04-10T13:05:30Z

Baby Steps - Day 2

Day two after  Marty's neurosurgery was busy with activity, so I am posting a day late.  Day two was incredibly productive though.  Every two to three hours, we saw BIG steps forward!  Funny enough, the biggest step forward was actually a step, well, technically five steps. 

In the morning, Marty felt well enough to take those five steps and sit up in a chair.  It wasn't much, but each day, he makes steps.  A while after that, the ICU staff removed his IV fluids and backed off of the steps.  A few hours after that, Marty felt well enough to take a few more steps down the steps.  A few hours after that, the ICU staff thought he was doing well enough to transfer Marty to the Orthopedic and Spine floor...big steps!!

Once on the Orthopedic and Spine floor, PT came up to evaluate and get Marty out walking again.  He made it all the way down the hall.  We were all SO proud.  A little more than 24 hours since they opened up his head, cut into bone, etc., etc., etc., he was up walking around.  He is doing phenomenally well considering everything his body has gone through.

Marty was up walking four times yesterday.  Each time he got up, he walked a little further.  The activity is making him tired, but being tired is also helping him sleep.  Now, he is eating solid meals, sitting up in bed by himself, able to sit in a chair for extended periods of time, starting to regain movement of his neck and hour by hour, feeling better than the last.

He has had great encouragement along the way.  I share with him all of  the posts and messages we receive, and it encourages him to continue getting better and push himself a little more.  His family has been amazing, sitting along his bedside and in waiting rooms for days now, and giving him all the love and support they can.  I keep saying it, but we are BLESSED!!

Today is Sunday.  Marty is doing so well that we are looking at the possibility of being discharged on Monday...BIG STEPS!!!  Again, thank you all for the encouragement!  It is so incredibly helpful to him when he is in pain and fatigued.  Thank you!!  Please keep it coming!!

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Comments (4)

  • Donna Martin
    Donna Martin

    Prayers continue 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    4 years ago · Reply
  • Cheri sauer
    Cheri sauer

    This is such fantastic news - - what a strong young man you are - keep up the good work and get home soon 👍

    4 years ago · Reply
  • Kris Riehl
    Kris Riehl

    All wonderful news. Getting up and walking as much as he did took every bit of strength he had. He has been through so much, and as long as his pain is being controlled and he is comfortable, then that blesses me..because when in pain it knocks your socks off and keeps you from doing anything.. So MATT! I'm so proud of you and I especially like the picture when you have just the slightest grin.. That's the Matt I know and love!! Love and kisses, Aunt Kris

    4 years ago · Reply
  • Marcia Kruse
    Marcia Kruse

    All wonderful news!! Shows what he is made of. Keep up the good work Matt and praying you can blow that popsicle stand tomorrow.

    4 years ago · Reply