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Posted 2016-04-14T19:55:00Z

Day 7 - First Post-op Checkup

Today was our first post-op checkup.  Originally, it was scheduled for next Monday, but while changing Marty's bandages, I noticed some areas that looked like there were signs of infection.  Marty has 23 stitches that go from his C1 vertebra to the middle of his head.  The skin at the base of his neck from stitch 1-10 was red and swollen around the suture, and the incision line between stitches 17-21 had noticeable drainage.  Even though we had a post-op appointment right around the corner, we decided to have it checked out.

Luckily, Marty's neurosurgeon was able to squeeze us in between surgeries today.  We are very grateful that he did, because he was able to take a look and reassure us that everything was fine, and although there was drainage from the suture, it was "good drainage."  We're not sure what "good drainage" is, but we're glad that is all it is.

It's crazy to think that today is day seven, post-surgery!  Although sometimes the time feels like it is creeping by, the days have gone by very quickly!  Both Marty and I have had a lot of R&R, but my R&R is not so much "Rest and Relaxation," but more "Running aRound."  I took liberties on that last R :)

I'm HAPPY to do it!  He is a great patient!!!  Thank you all for being patient as I haven't posted alot lately.  We continue to appreciate everyone's thoughts and prayers as Marty recovers from his neurosurgery!   

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  • Kris Riehl
    Kris Riehl

    Great news about being able to get in when there were concerns. Good drainage is good.. When does he get his stitches out? Everyone I run into ask how Matt is and I can only say that he is home, and just really just taking it easy.. It was a big surgery and I haven't heard Matt complain..but when I see you guys hopefully your next trip here, I'll get some details and more info.. All I want to know is if Matt is in pain, is he comfortable, and is he doing exactly what the docs say. Such a treasure to have a good and loving wife that can do the running.. God Bless you two. Love and kisses, Aunt Kris

    4 years ago · Reply