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Posted 2016-04-14T19:55:00Z

Day 7 - First Post-op Checkup

Today was our first post-op checkup.  Originally, it was scheduled for next Monday, but while changing Marty's bandages, I noticed some areas that looked like there were signs of infection.  Marty has 23 stitches that go from his C1 vertebra to the middle of his head.  The skin at the base of his neck from stitch 1-10 was red and swollen around the suture, and the incision line between stitches 17-21 had noticeable drainage.  Even though we had a post-op appointment right around the corner, we decided to have it checked out.[...]

Posted 2016-04-14T19:25:56Z

Day 4- Going Home

Marty's surgery went so well, and his recovery has been going great.  His neurosurgeon decided on day four that Marty could go home!  Even though we were over the moon excited, we realize that this is where the real work begins, in recovery.  Still, we are both excited about being able to sleep in our own bed, preferably more than one hour at a time :)[...]

Posted 2016-04-14T19:21:33Z

Day 3- Special Little Visitors

It's been a bit since I've been able to post.  Day three and four in the hospital, we slept for about an hour at a time through the night. Between nursing and aide visits, medication visits, blood pressure visits, etc., we didn't get a lot of sleep.  Ever since I feel like we have been trying to catch up a bit.[...]

Posted 2016-04-10T13:05:30Z

Baby Steps - Day 2

Day two after  Marty's neurosurgery was busy with activity, so I am posting a day late.  Day two was incredibly productive though.  Every two to three hours, we saw BIG steps forward!  Funny enough, the biggest step forward was actually a step, well, technically five steps. [...]

Posted 2016-04-09T02:04:57Z

After Surgery-Day One

It has been QUITE the day today.  We woke up at 3am so we could check into the hospital at 5am.  We filled the hospital lobby this morning with so many people who love Marty including his mom Cathy and step-dad Damon, his dad Jeff and step-mom Alice, his sister Katie and my brother Ryan.  Of course, none of us (parents and siblings included) got much sleep last night, but a combination of nerves and adrenalin has kept us up today.[...]

Posted 2016-04-07T02:04:54Z

Preparing for the Shave

If Marty had it his way, he would have the long locks he had in college.  Since graduating, however, he has gone for a shorter, more "professional" look.  The first time he went from his medium-length hair to a shorter look was traumatic for him, but he NEVER thought he'd go this short.[...]

Posted 2016-04-03T16:56:00Z

Marty's Neurosurgery

Family and friends,

First and foremost, Marty and I want to say how blessed we feel to have such wonderful family and friends who love and support us and want to know how he is doing.  Thank you for your prayers, love and concern.[...]