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Marv’s health journey

Keeping in touch with all of you is wonderful, but we are worrying that we will miss an update. This will allow us to update everybody with the same info, and to arrange [...] read more

Latest journal entry

Thank you on Thursday

We can’t thank everybody enough for the texts, phone calls, meals, visits and genuine good wishes. It makes a huge difference in our day.

Thursday update from Andrew...

No changes in the care plan today. Continuing to monitor Dad’s response to the med changes from yesterday. He had a temporary low blood pressure reading last night, which they’ll monitor today. So far, it appears isolated. Walks to continue today. A new cardiac team is in today. Dad told the team in rounds that he “feels good today. Emotionally stronger, not that anything in my expectations has changed” he said, “but I feel good about my improved activity level”.

Steady as he goes...


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