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Marvel’s journey.

This site is for the family and friends of my wonderful Marvelous mother, Marvel.

Latest journal entry

Good news day!

Thank you all so much for the prayers! They mean everything! Sorry we don’t reply to each message on here, she didn’t have the energy to do that. Just know that every message is read by me to her and it encourages her!

Also thank you for the kind words to me! ♥️

Ok so mom has had 3 chemo treatments and today we spoke with her dr. The dr was pleasantly surprised to hear that mom’s appetite is coming back and also that she is having less pain and not requiring the pain meds she had needed early on! Those both indicate a shrinking tumor. So here is mom sitting in the chair reading a magazine and snacking on crackers like she used to enjoy! God is good! 


Also thanks to Jo for helping out and visiting this past week! Mom absolutely LOVED hanging out with you and looking at pictures!!

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