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Posted 2017-11-09T17:46:14Z

Update- 11/09

Mary was discharged from the hospital yesterday 11/08. She was in the hospital for 27 days. Holy cow!

She is now at a nursing home/rehab facility in West Seattle called Providence Mount St. Vincent. Nursing homes are never fun. But this one came highly recommended for speech therapy and physical therapy. The good news is it has a fantastic view of the city, the people we have met so far have been very attentive and kind and my favorite part is that it doesn't smell of death when you walk in the front door! yeah! ;)

Her room is nothing to write home about and she has a room mate who has already been a pain in the butt in the less than 24 hours that my mom has been there, but I guess that may be even more motivation for her to push herself and get better so she can go home.

I am sure there will be more drama to ensue, but for the interim, she is getting settled in and we are hoping she will only need to stay for about 2 weeks. More to come in the next few days.

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