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Childhood Apraxia of Speech..There is HOPE!

I made this site for my grandson, Matthew. He is the light of my life and a true MIRACLE. I want to help raise awareness of CAS. I hope I do! I am blessed to spend everyd[...] read more

LATEST JOURNAL ENTRY - 2012-04-06T00:52:13Z


Well the nuerologist said all Matt's tests are normal and there is no diagnosis EXCEPT he is servely delayed!!! Well that doesn't help much! I am SO HAPPY Matt's brain is normal and he has no genetc markers BUT I want an answer!!! It's so frustrating!

I was able to get an appointment with his Developemental Pediatrician after the neurologist ~ so I went and I did get some good advice. She told me that Matt doesn't seem to have made much progress with the school he attends and that shouldn't be. He has no "true" verbal skills at all and should have improved. She reccommended a second opinion on his Apraxia and to see why he drools as much as he does. She also told us Matt must have PrOMPT THERAPY, which is hard to find as far as certified therapists. Dr. will give me a prescription for it so the County will have to approve it!!!! That is a big relief. I am looking at schools for Kindergarten that offer this therapy and we will go from there. Wish I had more definitive answers but I guess it's a frustrating process for ALL OF US! Will keep adding links for you and hope you will share some of your stories or advice with me!

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