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I am truly blessed to have so many family, friends, and coworkers that are praying and supporting me and my wife through the roller coaster of emotions and questions goin[...]

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5 Month Follow-up / Post-Op

We saw my pulmonologist today to review a recent ct scan to see how things are healing and to make sure nothing new is growing. Everything came back good! I had scarring from where my nodule and masses were removed and the one subcarnial mass that still exists is smaller in size than prior to surgery. My lungs checked out clear and good and the cultures came back with no infection or growths. So, we will probably never know for sure what caused all of this but suspect an old infection. According to Mandy, it was an she said out loud during my exam while having to take deep breathes in and blowing out and I busted out laughing while my PA was listening on the stethoscope. I still have quite a bit of pain off and on, which is to be expected, from everything healing but all is good and we are blessed!