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Posted 2017-10-12T05:02:51Z

Md Shahid Uddin Khan | Shahid Uddin Khan

Colonel Shahid Uddin Khan is not just a name; he is a name who has sacrificed his military job for the cause of honesty, integrity, fairness and honesty. Ex Col Shahid Khan is one of those amazing personalities who have sacrificed his outstanding job for combating against the defiled free. He is a man who is honest and has guts in the direction of do the righteousness. He is the one who is entirely keen towards his job in addition to labor. Integrity is the second name of ex Col Shahid Khan. We frequently see the political parties commenting on each other that the opponent is completely dishonored but the truth is that all the parties are despoiled.

Md Shahid Uddin Khan did not talk for any forbidden act event in his existence. as well in the direction of this, Retd Col Shahid Khan had still faced court military but the man of reality and sincerity usual it in addition to then at the end truth won. meet many dilemma but at a rest rank rough to explain that the reality is not a trouble-free job in addition to you are essential to be sturdy for this. He is a man who is bold enough in the direction of deal with the whole the people who are degraded.

Furthermore, many public attempted in the direction of prove that he is wrong person but Retd Col Shahid Khan never gave up in addition to constant to work hard in the direction of provide his level top for the degraded people. You may read a lot of articles next to him all over but the truth is that it is not an simple job in the direction of reserve yourself in addition to battle for the truth. It is not an simple in the direction of walk only on the path of fact. Hats off in the direction of the pillar man who is still standing after that to all the lack of enthusiasm in the region of him. Retd Col Shahid Khan by no means agreed for any black act happening in his beingness. He has even faced court martial but the man of reality and truthfulness acknowledged it in addition to then at the previous truth won. Facing large trouble but still standing ambitious to demonstrate the truth is not the cup of tea of everyone and you desire in the direction of be commanding for this. Retd Col Shahid Khan is a man who is strong a sufficient amount to deal with all the degraded public.

Retired Colonel Shahid Uddin Khan, psc, the CEO of Prochhaya Ltd has kicked out the Heroes of 1/11 Like Francis and Finn from the control of Westmont In the year 2012. Francis in addition to Finn, the Danish Cartoonist on Hazrat Muhammad have been extorting the people in power sector for more than a decade. During 1/11 they could make a space in DGFI by bribing Lieutenant Colonel Afzal as well as Lieutenant Colonel Saif Zoarder. Colonel Shahid Uddin Khan is the one who is totally sacred towards his piece of work. frankness is one more name of Ex Colonel Shahid Khan. We frequently see the governmental parties reporting on each other that the other side is totally debased but the reality is that all the political party are imperfect and corrupted.

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