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Posted 2017-10-10T04:42:35Z

Md Shahid Uddin Khan | Shahid Uddin Khan

Colonel Shahid Uddin Khan is not just a name; he is someone who has forfeited his military job for the cause of honesty, honesty, justice and integrity. Ex Col Shahid Khan is one of those remarkable personalities who have sacrificed his outstanding job for combating next to the dishonored public. He is a man who is honest and has guts to do the righteousness. He is the one who is completely enthusiastic towards his job in addition to labor. Integrity is the next name of ex Col Shahid Khan. We often observe the political parties commenting on each other that the other side is completely despoiled but the truth is that all the parties are dishonored.

Md Shahid Uddin Khan did not talk for any forbidden act incident in his survival. In addition to this, Retd Col Shahid Khan had even features court martial but the man of actuality and sincerity accepted it in addition to then at the end fact succeed. Encountering many troubles but at a rest standing rough to explain that the truth is not a trouble-free job and you are essential to be sturdy for this. He is a man who is brave enough in the direction of deal with the whole the public who are corrupted.[...]