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LATEST JOURNAL ENTRY - 2016-10-18T14:45:07Z


Hi All

Rachel here. 

I know we've been pretty lax on the journal entries. 

Here's the latest and greatest. 

Unfortunately I am writing to you from Jersey Shore Medical Center. 

Mom was readmitted to the hospital early on the morning of the 14th due to a heart rate of over 200 which persisted for several hours. 

They were able to get the heart rate under control. 

It has been recommended that mom undergo an ablation procedure to attempt to zap the electrical connection that is sending the signals that are causing the arrhythmia.

The espisodes mom has include SVT, AVNRT, and a fib. The procedure will take care of SVT and AVNRT. If she continues to have a fib post procedure, if will be controlled with meds.

there is a chance that when they go in to complete the ablation, they will not be able to get the heart to send the signal they need to see in order to ablate. In an effort to be time effective, if that were the case, a full AV node ablation will be performed. The complete AV node ablation will sever the AV node. This procedure would ensure that these episodes will stop to a greater degree than the other. Mom will, however, at that point be pacemaker dependent for her heart rhythm. I know it sounds scary but honestly given the circumstances her going on as she has is scary as well and we need to try and get this heart thing under wraps so mom can safely and effectively continue with chemo. 

We are currently in a holding pattern at the hospital. Because mom is in between chemo treatments, her platelets are very low. They need to get them up before mom can get the procedure to minimize the risk of bleeding. 

Prior to this admittance, mom was really doing great and feeling much better. We hope to get her back on track ASAP.  She is scheduled to get her 4th round o chemotherapy on October 28th. 

I have been here in nj since September 18th and will most likely be around through the end of the month, although this is somewhat in flux. Hanah will be here for the month of November. I am in the works with my job attempting to facilitate a situation where I am able to work from mom and dads for a few months. 

Will keep y'all posted as I can. 

Love to all 



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