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Posted 2016-09-12T22:36:34Z

Update 9/12/16

Hi Everyone
Wanted to bring you up to speed regarding the status of my health
I did receive my initial chemo treatment on Friday August the 19 th;
Things seemed to go relatively well....however I crashed the following Monday and began having some issues related to maintaining my blood pressure and heart rate. There were several harrowing days of these episodes where my bp and heart rate were out of control.
Unfortunately this necessitated another trip to Jersey Shore Medical Center where I was readmitted through the er on the 28th of August for AFib.
I remained hospitalized until Sat the 10th of September/During my stay I received pacemaker which now managed the "downward spirial" of my heart
During this time I also received a port which will make administration on chemo easier. Unfortunately, these procedures necessitated that I "miss"my scheduled chemo treatment.
So I have been home since Sat/. Today is Monday and I really had a good day.
I do have a scheduled consult with my oncologist and will most likely resume chemo this week
Fingers crossed.......
Just want to add that I have. been overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and support that I have received from all of you
I realize that I am only going to be able to do this journey with all of your help
Thanks in advance....
Love Marianne[...]

Posted 2016-08-28T04:08:03Z

update on Momma

Hey All , 

Just wanted to touch base with all of you and give a quick update .  We are officially a week post chemo, and today was a good day .  Mom was feeling better and able to eat and keep food down all day 💕She was out enjoying the deck this morning on this beautiful sunny day .  We are making sure cook nourishing healthy meals and do everything in our power to give her the strength she needs to get through this . Each day seems to get a little better 💕 Just wanted to keep everyone on the same page moving forward .  Keep those prayers coming guys !! Next week I will be off of work and hanging out with Mom so I'll be sure to update you .  If anyone wants to be in touch I will be the primary contact moving forward probably until Labor Day 💕Love you all ! [...]

Posted 2016-08-20T04:05:00Z


Hi All!

I know I promised I would do this a week ago,but it's been a busy one! I am writing this from my parents couch. My mom had a great day today! She had her first chemotherapy treatment. This first round of chemotherapy consists of six treatments on every third Friday, ending on December 23 of this year. Most of you folks have been updated over the past few weeks by one of my sisters or I, my dad or aunt or maybe each other. I will provide a brief summary below of where we are at to make sure everyone is aware. [...]