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Hi All!

I know I promised I would do this a week ago,but it's been a busy one! I am writing this from my parents couch. My mom had a great day today! She had her first chemotherapy treatment. This first round of chemotherapy consists of six treatments on every third Friday, ending on December 23 of this year. Most of you folks have been updated over the past few weeks by one of my sisters or I, my dad or aunt or maybe each other. I will provide a brief summary below of where we are at to make sure everyone is aware. 

On the 27th of last month, mom was admitted to the hospital with a collapsed lung. 

A few days later, she underwent what is called a VATS procedure in order to reinflate the lung and to ensure that it was adhered to the chest wall. 

After the lung was stabilized, a slew of tests began in order to determine the source of the fluid in the lung, which was the cause for its collapse. 

After a roller coaster ride, we eventually ended up with a diagnosis of metastatic adenocarcinoma (lung cancer). The cancer is non-small cell. 

After nine days in the hospital, mom was discharged with plans to undergo further testing in order to determine the extent of the spread and to follow up with an oncologist to determine the best course of treatment. 

Unfortunately, she was only home for three days before being readmitted to the hospital for blood clots,  One in each leg and some in the chest. 

Thankfully we caught those clots when we did and prevented them from spreading to other parts of the body. 

With the clots under control with blood thinners, we were discharged three days after readmittance. 

After mom was discharged, we moved forward with further testing and met with the oncologist. We learned that the cancer had spread to the lymph nodes, spine and liver. 

Although that sounds, as it is, incredibly frightening, moms oncologist is confident about bringing her through to remission!

As mentioned, mom went to her first treatment today, of which there will be six. 

After those six treatments, moms oncologist ( Dr. Carl Henningson of Regional Cancer Care Associates) will reassess her condition and progress and determine what further treatment is necessary. 

On behalf of my mom and the rest of my family, thank you all so much for the recent love and support. It has been nothing less than amazing to me to witness such friendship. It's inspiring, really. 

I will try to add a calendar to his webpage so there of you who wish to reach out know which one of my sisters or I are around during a particular time. I may also post notes asking for assistance at certain times when it may be necessary. In general, we will try to keep this page updated. 

I know most of you have it but I will leave some contact info below. 

Love to you all,


R-732 233 3997- [email protected]

D-732 233 6138- [email protected]

H-908-614-0985- [email protected]











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