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Posted 2017-04-12T19:34:19Z


Arrangements have been made, please see details below.

Visitation:  Thursday, April 13th from 6-8pm.  The visitation will be held at Shellhouse-Rivers Funeral Home.  The address is 715 East Pine Log Road, Aiken, SC  29803.[...]

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Tuesday, April 11

It is with great sadness that I share with you the news of John's passing.

John passed away Tuesday evening at his home.  He fought so hard in his last days.  He was surrounded with family and friends.   John, Jessica, and the family were greatly cared for, and comforted by Hospice, especially Mike and Renata.  Truly, they were angels on earth.[...]

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The last few days have seen John continue with quiet days. Many friends have come to visit and spend time with John and Jessica. 

In this sad time, one of the bright spots has been hearing stories that people love to share about John. They have shared stories of his youth, college days, trumpet playing, swim officiating, dating and other shenanigans. These stories have brought so many smiles to the faces of everyone. (And I know John must be laughing on the inside, even if we can't see it!)[...]

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Thanks to the Tennessee Folks!

Last Wednesday, John's cousin James, and his wife, Anita, along with James' mother, traveled to Aiken from Nashville.  Anita, a nurse by profession, moved in with Jessica for the duration of their trip, and assisted her in John's care.  Since this is a twenty-four hour job, her presence and kindness was greatly appreciated.  She helped out during the evenings, when John is most prone to anxiety and unrest.  She helped during the day to make sure John was comfortable.  She cooked meals to freeze.  She had a very calming influence on both Jessica and John.  [...]

Posted 2017-03-29T23:45:30Z

Mid Week Update

John has been home from MUSC for almost a week now.  In that time, there have been many kind people who have come to visit with Jessica, sit with John and offer support.  Old friends, new friends, swim friends, tennis friends have checked in with words of encouragement.  I personally have tasted some very yummy food brought in for them.  (TWO types of chocolate chip cookies!!)   Today, family from Tennessee arrives, and are ready to stay over and help with care for John. [...]

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The Weekend

John is settled in at home, and had a good number of visitors over the weekend.  Grace and Abby were both in town for the weekend, and along with John's mom, they were able to be together for the majority of the weekend.[...]

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Techs, Nurses and Doctors

(I meant to write this in yesterday's post, but was a tad bit distracted.)

Over the course of the past year, J/J have seen many doctors, nurses, assistants, medical techs, radiologists, hospitalists, admins, and any other health care professional you can imagine.  The range of care and compassion has been all over the place.  It's amazing that in this day and age the lack of beside manner.  But, I digress.[...]

Posted 2017-03-24T01:55:03Z

Back Home Again

It proved to be an adventure, but John and Jessica are back at home in Aiken.

John was transported, by ambulance, from MUSC to their home in Aiken.  Jessica and I drove together, with the idea that we would all arrive at the same time.  At the outset of the trip, the ambulance was running about twenty minutes ahead of us.  Just before we got to 95 (about 30 minutes into the drive), we were stopped by a major accident on the interstate.  Luckily, the ambulance was ahead of the accident, but we were now stuck at a standstill.[...]

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A Long Update

Let's start at the very beginning....

As early as February, 2016, John and Jessica began looking for answers. However, it took until June of 2016 for John to be diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Oral Cavity. In layman's terms, that is cancer of the head and/or neck. As someone who has never smoked or used tobacco in any way, this was a shocking diagnosis. John had chemo and radiation throughout the summer, completing it in early September.  After twelve weeks, John was examined, only to find that the initial treatment was unsuccessful. The doctors determined that he would require surgery to remove the cancerous areas.[...]