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My break from medications is over; I started back up on maintenance chemotherapy 2 weeks ago.  I go weekly to the infusion center for my velcade and dexamethasone.  I also receive a bone builder medication monthly.  The plan is that this routine will continue for the next 3 years.  The medications wipe me out.  Reportedly, the side effects even out with time, so I’ll talk with the myeloma institute next week to see if mine are normal.  My end goal is to return to work at some point, even if only part-time.  If I compare myself to how I was a year ago, I’m doing great!

I attended my niece’s wedding in Enid last weekend.  It was lots of fun and good to see everyone.  Travis flew out for the weekend so we had good visits in the car ride to and from Enid.  The picture makes it look like I have helmet hair – it looks better in person :-). 

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