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About This Site

Giving for Mesharia and Todd

On Friday, December 14th while driving home from an event Mesharia was involved in a automobile accident. Mesharia suffered many injuries, numerous broken ribs, lacerated liver, crushed ankle, broken vertebrae, broken clavicle, broken arm, and a broken breast bone as well as other issues. She has had 6 surgeries and done marvelously well. She has many more to come. Todd and Mesharia have a long road ahead of them. Mesharia will continue to be hospitalized for weeks and then enter a rehabilitation facility. (For a more detailed version please see the journal.) The family and Mesharia have experienced what is described as miracles. We are humbly anticipating more, based on the goodness of our God. If you are so inclined and in a position to help we have created this site to help communicate some needs and suggested help. Thank you.