All proceeds go to Mesharia and Todd's household

Fundraising Support

All donations (100%) go to help offset expenses. This includes bills, travel, meals, co pays, lost income etc. (Estimated loss of Income for Todd and Mesharia has been reduced due the accident to 30% of what they usually receive. She had a disability insurance but it only pays a percentage. The fundraising goal is just an idea of what might be helpful in the near future. There will need to be a wheelchair ramp put in at the house plus wheelchair plus possibly transportation vehicle, Her vehicle is totaled.Plus all those things we have not anticipated. It’s looking like Mesharia will be in assisted rehab living until March and then out patient rehab for months. If you are able please give what you can any amount is helpful. (You can use this site for both ACH payments or a Card or to Colorado Bank and Trust, Todd W. Rol and Mesharia N. Rol, Health Contribution Fund, Routing # 102000607 Acct # 8096685712.) This is a long term need. It is expected to be months of recovery. Thank you for your encouragement and support.