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Iona Givens Iona Givens

Norma,thinking of you this morning as we get ready for the convention and longing for the time when the ones we love will be back with us. That will be a wonderful time. Love Iona

Joe Oryszak Joe Oryszak

I heard the news yesterday and am still in shock, I will greatly miss Michael what a great man and brother, I will miss talking about spiritual things and my latest flea market finds with him and him always asking me what's new when we meet, can't wait to see Michael again in resurrection, till then Jehovah will take hold of your right hand Norma and help you through this. All our love and prayers go out to you and your family from me Lamia and Alex Oryszak.

Sharon Cunningham Sharon Cunningham

Dearest Norma and Family: Words cannot express the sadness we feel today. We don't know what to say except that we truly love you. Michael was a beautiful spiritual man & loving & kind teacher who will be deeply missed. Remembering all the wonderful times our families have had together over the many years will always be treasured. You have been "true friends" & we will never forget that. Until we see Michael in the promised paradise, we hope you will take comfort in knowing he is safe in Jehovah's memory. We hope our prayers will help ease your pain, even just a little. Bill & Geneva Lowery

Carmen Whitehurst Carmen Whitehurst

Dear Dear Sister Petros and family, we mourn with you. The loss of such a dear loved one grieves the heart and it makes us yearn for tomorrow, when Jehovah will keep the promise he made of no pain, no death, and no sorrow. May Jehovah put his loving arms around you and your entire family. My heart and prayers are with you and again, you have my deepest sympathy. Love, Carmen.

Deborah Robinson Deborah Robinson

Dear Norma and family words can not express my deepest sorrow for your lost I will keep you and your family in my prayers, may Jehovah be with you.

Theresa roberts Theresa roberts

So sorry for your lose prayfor all of you isure he will be missed Terry Roberts

John Strandberg John Strandberg

One of my favorite scriptures at a time like this is Romans 14:7-9. It says in part "Both if we live and if we die, we belong to Jehovah. For to this end Christ died and came to life again, so that he might be Lord over both the dead and the living." So there is no question in our minds and hearts that Michael will be brought back in the resurrection of the righteous. Until that time, may Jehovah comfort your heart and give you strength to face the days ahead with hope and peace of mind, Norma.
With Warm Christian love, John and Sharrie Strandberg

Terri Nicsinger Terri Nicsinger

Norma, I am so sorry and heart broke to hear this news, Michael was such a loving and kind man !
I pray Jehovah is with you and your family, I am so sorry Norma I am in shock. I wish I could hold you in my arms right now, I am so sorry.

love you always

Deborah Miranda Deborah Miranda

Norma, Susan, Carol and family,
I am so sorry to hear of Michael's passing. This is a very difficult time and i pray Jehovah helps carry you through this time. I grew up with your family in my life and even though i fell from the truth for a while, you and Michael were there to help me get back to where i belonged and see me through to baptism. I will always be grateful for this. If there is anything i can do for you please let me know. I look forward to seeing him again in Paradise.
All my love,
Deb Miranda

Chad Fortune Chad Fortune

Laretta and I are saddened by this news. Micheal was a grandfather to me. Micheal and Norma have encourage us in our spiritual goals, and are a part of where we are at in our service to jehovah today. On hearing this news laretta and I are ever more determined to serve jehovah faithfully so we can see Micheal again. It hurts even more that we are so far away...but we will continue to pray for the family and when we return we will do whatever we need to do to help. We love you Norma.... hugs and kisses from laretta and I. We will Be home soon.

Catherine Saltalamacchia Catherine Saltalamacchia

My thoughts and prayers are with you Susan
Jason and Brian and family .
May your sadness and pain be eased by your
Love for your dad and grandfather
Lots of love Cathy Saltalamacchia

Cheryl Wilhelm Cheryl Wilhelm

I am so saddened at the loss of Michael, I've know Michael and Norma and Carol n Susan since I was a little girl. Please know that Jehovah is the source of all comfort. We look forward to the day when Jehovah opens up all the memorial tombs and we will see our dear faithful brothers, sisters, mother's, father's, aunt's and uncles again. Michael was such a loving brothe, the congregation was blessed to have such a fine elder. Love you Norma, Carol and Susan you will be in our thoughts and prayers.

Carolyn Austin Carolyn Austin

Norma, Susan,Carol and rest of family, we just heard about Michael’s passing. It saddened us all. Norma, you know how much you and Michael have meant to me over the years. Jehovah, the God of ALL comfort will be with all of you during this time. Michael is in the best place possible... Jehovah’s memory. We love you all. .....John Austin Family

Marjorie Rittenbach Marjorie Rittenbach

Rick and l were just sitting here in the airport thinking about all the work Michael has contributed to Jehovah’s interests, to the brothers, & to the Canton community. Jehovah’s memory is the most secure place and we are happy his dear family can be at his side at this time. Prayers are flowing for all of you.
Marjee (& Rick)

Anita tresidder Anita tresidder

Sending all my love and gratitude, with every beat of my heart. Thank you Michael, the loving kindness you bestowed upon me as a child has enriched my life and inspired my path. I am eternally grateful.
Norma, I am sending you strength and love,... lots and lots of love.