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Just wanted to give a quick update. Maci had an 8 day stay in the hospital for fever and low counts recently. It was one of her worst admissions because she had extremely painful mouth sores and couldn’t eat well. She has recovered from that and we go in tomorrow for six days of chemo. We had a surgery follow up at Chop and the doc was very impressed With her progress. He said she is ahead of schedule as far as healing.  He gave her clearance to increase her activity. Her teacher keeps us updated on school activities. She was able to go on a school field trip today and it was so awesome! I always read the comments on this page to Maci and she loves it so keep them coming.

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  • Sheryl Blowman
    Sheryl Blowman

    Hi Maci! Mom said you had a cool field trip today-that’s so exciting! It was the perfect day too-no rain! Glad you got to hang out with your friends and have fun catching up. Bet you’ll sleep good tonight-a good day of fun does that! Hugs, the Blowman Family🌸💗

    one month ago · Reply
  • Cathy Duffus
    Cathy Duffus

    Awe great news about spending time with your friends! You are so well loved!

    one month ago · Reply
  • Brian Atallian
    Brian Atallian

    Love that news

    one month ago · Reply
  • Corinne Nolan
    Corinne Nolan

    Hi Mace!! I hoe you had fun at your trip today! Hugs and kisses! Love, Corinne.

    one month ago · Reply
  • Cristi Moe
    Cristi Moe

    Yay Maci! What a great day it must have been! Happy for you !

    one month ago · Reply
  • Cathy O’Leary
    Cathy O’Leary

    Love that you got to go on a field trip! Hang in there it’s almost over! Hope to see you soon

    one month ago · Reply
  • Stacey Gottschall
    Stacey Gottschall

    It was great seeing you guys today! Glad you had fun seeing all the insects. It was a beautiful day!

    one month ago · Reply
  • Kelly Geldof
    Kelly Geldof

    Great news!! Keep it up Maci!! ♥️

    one month ago · Reply
  • Tina Barksdale
    Tina Barksdale

    Hi Maci! So happy to hear you are progressing well on your healing. So exciting you got to go on a field trip...hope it was to somewhere fun! Hope you have some fun stuff lined up for the summer too. Finally the weather is getting nicer. Sending lots of love and prayers your way. You’re an inspiration to us! Love the Barksdales

    one month ago · Reply
  • Julie Rowe
    Julie Rowe

    Glad you’re feeling better Maci!

    one month ago · Reply
  • Terry Windhorst
    Terry Windhorst

    Tell Maci I love her and she is in my prayers every day 😘❤️😍

    one month ago · Reply
  • Suzanne DeLong
    Suzanne DeLong

    We are sorry to hear she had a rough time recently but glad she is feeling better now. Maci remains in our prayers every single day. JoJo and I enjoyed seeing her this past weekend. She shines like a star despite all she's been through. She is a special girl. May God bless her with comfort, peace, healing, and faith through her upcoming admission and always.

    one month ago · Reply
  • Angela Petrillo
    Angela Petrillo

    Hey Maci!! I’m so happy the doctor at CHOP said you’re healing quickly! That’s great news. The twins want to know where you went on your field trip. They both have one soon too. Let me know when you get tired of your mom again ( lol) and I’ll come back for a visit there. 😘 Love you lots little lady. Love, Ms. Angela, Julian & Shane

    one month ago · Reply
  • Francine Grubb
    Francine Grubb

    Hi Maci! It's Kenzie's MomMom. I really loved seeing you with Kenzie and also love that you enjoy the cute hats my friend and I send to you. Now that I know you have lots of hats - I have found another place where kids can enjoy them, too! Always be sure to let me know if you need a new one! Hoping every day is better than the one before - and so glad you could go on your trip. Keep staying amazingly amazing!!

    26 days ago · Reply

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